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This is not a movie review. I’ll leave that to the film critics. I just find this movie really interesting so I decided that it deserves some space in my blog. Don't take me (and this post) seriously. And if you have plans of continuing to read beyond this sentence, make sure that you've already watched or you don't have any plans of watching the movie.It was a battle between The Vow and Unofficially Yours. I still couldn’t decide what to watch the night before. But on Sunday morning, I realized that I wasn’t in the mood to watch a drama film so we settled for Unofficially Yours. Besides, the screening time suited our schedule best. So yes, I chose John Lloyd Cruz over Channing Tatum!

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The first thing I tweeted after watching was, “Na-culture shock ako sa Unofficially Yours!”

I’m glad that I watched it now that I’m married. It would have been a different story if this movie was shown eight months earlier. I was a little skeptical that the Filipino audience is now ready for something like this. But I’m glad that somebody had the guts to tackle such a mature theme. It only shows that we are now open, and slowly accepting what used to be taboo in our society. (Sorry but I'm still against it. ^_^) With the help of Cathy Garcia-Molina’s magic, what seemed to be a promiscuous subject was transformed into something entertaining.

John Lloyd Cruz is undeniably a good actor. He is not the typical matinee idol but I guess that’s what makes him more adorable. Pair him with Tia Pusit and he can still probably tickle the hearts of the viewers. He was very convincing with his portrayal of an awkward guy who experiences being in a casual relationship for the first time. He’s really charming each time he woos Ces (Angel Locsin). And of course, I don’t need to mention how great he is in making the viewers empathize with his heartbreaks. His character has actually hit a raw nerve not because I was once in the kind of relationship that he had with Ces but because I have long dreamed of being a writer like him. I actually envy his courage for doing a drastic move on his career. But I refuse to treat this movie as a sign! Haha! Not now! :p

I have always loved Angel Locsin as a celebrity but never as an actress. But this changed after I watched this film. She is undoubtedly oozing with sex appeal and she made it evident in the entire movie. I applaud her for taking such a daring role without looking cheap at all.

The movie has a superb supporting cast! John Lloyd’s friends are so hilarious! I’m glad that Star Cinema is giving Edgar Allan a break because he is really a good actor. And Panying’s presence on the screen is simply refreshing. Mukha pa lang nya, natatawa na ko! Anyway, the three actors succeeded in making the viewers see that though boys can get naughty at times, they can still offer sensible advices to their best friends. And even if they may seem to always have sex on their minds, they can still unleash their sensitive sides.

Their colleagues led by the hilarious Kaye Brosas were also amusing! Tarsier jump! Hahaha! You can never go wrong with Kaye! She wasn’t just there to provide comic relief. She has served her purpose as the reliable confidant of Ces.

People may think that the families of both Ces and Mackie were just decorations in the movie. But their parts were crucial in explaining why Ces and Mackie behave the way they do. Mackie turned out to be a loving guy because he was surrounded by an affectionate family (Edgar Mortiz, Melissa Mendez and the Martinez sisters). And Ces, other than her a$Shole ex-boyfriend, has a dysfunctional family who contributed to her fear of falling in love. She can’t rely to a man because his brother (Ian de Leon), the only man in their house is not dependable at all. You’ll know that Ian is a good actor because he gave justice to his role with a few lines, a play station and some cigarettes. And who can forget Tetchie Agbayani who was very good in playing the crazy mother? But amidst her craziness, the turning point was when she became the “mother” to Ces. The “kitchen scene” was actually my favorite as it reminds me of my “under the table” sessions with my college best friends. Even before the scene was shown, I was already thinking of what I am supposed to say to Ces if she’s my friend. It’s as if Tetchie read my mind! Haha! But seriously, it’s the same thing I tell my friends who are heartbroken and who are starting to lose faith in love. The moment you get scared to love, you deprive yourself of being with the one that is meant for you. Believe me, I have once been there.

All in all, Unofficially Yours is more than a sexy romantic film. There is something more than the “basagan ng kasangkapan” sexy scenes. The cheesy parts got me cringing at times but the movie is still entertaining.


  1. that's exactly what im thinking on the "ilalim ng kalan scene"!!! so very us! hahahahhaa

  2. kami naman "The Vow" ang first movie nmin ni kaan sa Aussie...haha pinikit namin ang 11 AUD...sulit din kakainlove and may quotable quotes. Pero kung andito si Ryan Unofficially Yours din siguro kmi mauna hehe


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