Shoebox & Me (Part 2)

The flat black shoes that I’ve been using finally said goodbye after my numerous attempts to save them. I bought it for only PHP250 and has been my constant companion to and from the office for almost a year. When I went back to Shoebox & Me for the nth time, my eyes widened when I saw the yellow checkered flat shoes that I wanted to buy. And my heart jumped when I rummaged through the display rack and found out that they have my size. But then again, I saw a brown shoes of the same style. I was mentally weighing my options. I told Boyet that I’d get the brown one because I’d be using it as my alternative “office shoes”. But he said that the yellow one looks better on me so he insisted that I get both instead. Being a submissive wife, I followed my husband’s wish. Hehe!


I love the comfort these shoes give to my feet. Literally, my feet can now go places!

Shoebox & Me
Level 2
Robinson's Place Manila


  1. Hi Je, How's the quality? I'm on my 3rd pair of Suelas within a span of 2 months...Hahaha. No break-in needed once delivered.

  2. Ok naman, nakapanik na yan ng Mt. Tapyas haha! Di na ko masyadong nag flats since pwede sneakers sa new work ko :) Tempted nga ko to order Suelas!


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