A (Not So) Boring Weekend

An office mate asked me last Friday, “What are your plans this weekend?” It took me two seconds to respond that I’ll do some cleaning then iron our clothes. I realized that I sounded pathetic and was a bit worried that I’m on my way to becoming a desperate housewife. :p

Since we still don’t have house, I have no other choice but to share my room with my husband. Nyaha! Though it gets dirty easier, cleaning it is now faster given that I already have someone to help me. Dust has been all wiped out, mirrors are now crystal clear and every inch of the room is now spotless. I also had the time to rearrange my books. I just felt a bit sad because I suddenly missed the 10+ books I lost when I used them as centerpieces on our wedding reception.

DSC_1140 Sweet Valley Collection not included! Nyaha!

Almost all of our wedding gifts are hidden under our bed and on top of our cabinet. But I decided to use the one given by my best friend Hervi who now lives in Seattle. I’ll probably replace the picture with one of our wedding photos. :)

I now appreciate how my mother trained me to do household chores. And thank God for giving me a husband who thinks that helping his wife does not make him less of a man. :)

Today, Boyet and I heard mass, went to another food trip and did some grocery shopping. Now my weekend is officially over!

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