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We had a dilemma whether or not we’d get a videographer. Due to budget constraints, we were very much willing to give it up. But Boyet and I kept on finding an excuse that getting a video package was necessary. It was rather a love-hate relationship. One day I wake up wanting to get a videographer, the next morning I think of the additional cost and I’ll disregard the idea.

We asked our photographer if he could suggest for a video supplier. He said that he usually taps Inxites to do the job. I immediately went online to check their works. Since I already know the cost of almost all video packages because of the numerous inquiries I sent to various suppliers, I told myself that Inxites is affordable. Given the quality of their work, I must admit that we really got more than what we paid for.

After our initial meeting, John’s bubbly personality convinced us more that they are the perfect team for the job. On our wedding day, his team arrived earlier than their call time because they didn’t want to get in the way of the photographer. I was still taking a bath when they arrived! Professionalism at its finest. ;)

John stood by his promise that he’d make sure that we’d feel at ease because the tension would definitely show on the screen. When he realized that I was already tensed, he started cracking jokes. And when he noticed that I was already doing some deep breathing exercise, he started singing Science and Faith – the song I chose for our SDE video.

They work as discreetly as possible so as not to meddle with the other suppliers and the wedding preparations. I didn’t even realize that Benj was shooting at the front seat of the bridal car.

Efren & Jerellt from John Parado on Vimeo.

I’ve always loved The Script’s Science and Faith. I wanted an upbeat song for our SDE video. Though John said that it was challenging because it is a fast song, I think you’ll agree with me that they did a very good job with our SDE video. With Inxites capturing the important moments of our wedding day, putting parts of our very funny personal vows and transforming it into a four-minute movie somehow gave a new meaning to the song. Four months have passed after our wedding and I still beam with delight each time I watch it.

Getting Inxites was probably one of the smartest decisions we’ve made. Speaking quite frankly, there are a lot of overpriced and overrated video suppliers in the market. I can guarantee you though, that Inxites is not one of them. Their works speak of quality. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth. :)

Rating: 5++/5


  1. Best actor ang peg ni Boyet hahahaha :P It's nice reminiscing your wedding, it is currently the best wedding I've attended so far :)

  2. Awww thanks! I'm really overwhelmed when friends who attended our wedding say that.

    Oo nga e, emote kung emote si Boyet! :p


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