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A lot of people are going crazy over milk teas. I must admit that it is the latest craze. I don't like teas (and I am still trapped with being a Quickly fanatic) that’s why I wasn’t very eager to try it.

I was about to try it once. I was approaching the store and was ready to join the long queue when I noticed how some people show dismay in their faces after having their first sip of the milk tea. Because of this, my milk-tea-phobia got worse.

After our Mexican escapade, Joie and Jeff asked us if our tummies still have some room left. They brought us to Tea Central, which according to them serves the best milk tea in town.

I was like a fish out of water while looking at their menu. I only know two kinds of tea – iced and Lipton. Nyaha! Fortunately, I was with Joie who is an avid customer of Tea Central.

Seeing the smiling face drawn on our plastic cups was enticing. And then the first sip of my hazelnut milk tea gave me the same smile.

DSC_0788 Hazelnut PHP75
Dark Choco PHP80 (for Boyet)

Tea Central is hidden on the second floor of D’ Students Place along the busy street of Taft Ave. But it is definitely worth paying a visit. Joie, let's go back!!! ^_^

Tea Central
Level 2
D’ Students Place
Taft Ave., Manila


  1. Given the size of the cup, I could say that it was right on the pocket. I still haven't tried Tea Central yet, but I got to try Chatime and it was good, too.

    Hopping from Food Trip Friday... here's my share:
    Foodie 365 | Week 34
    Happy Weekends!

  2. Me too love milk tea, sadly I had no photos.. hahaha...

    was here for FTF.. hope you can visit back :)

    FTF here

  3. So many of these milk tea to choose from na :) I'll try this one too :) Visiting from FTF.

    The Twerp and I

  4. oh i love milk tea!! aka jenju naita! i learned to love it when i was in taiwan. nothing beats the one in taiwan, they even put something in their like an ube or other flavor. yummy! it will make u go. lol. its my favorite. hehe =)

    my FTF is up here SAHM Reviews.Net

  5. Had a really bad impression on milk teas :p Didn't really enjoy Chatime's milk tea. But this one looks a lot yummier, love the logo too!

  6. we have a place we go to here along maginhawa street. you may have heard about moonleaf already coz it's so popular now and they've since expanded and have 4 branches already.

    visiting via FTF:


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