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Getting a wedding planner wasn’t part of my plan. I was really hands-on during the wedding preparations. I treated every single detail as a vital part in making sure that I get the wedding that I’ve dreamed of. But I realized that at some point in time, I needed to let go of the planning and focus on being a bride for a day. That was the main reason we booked for an OTD coordinator. I have friends who offered to do the job for me but I decided to leave it to the professionals. I also don’t want my friends to be burdened with so many tasks because I also want them to enjoy that day.

There are a lot of horror stories about wedding planners/coordinators. I’ve heard stories like coordinators who lost the wedding ring. I can’t believe chancing upon an online forum with a bride claiming that her wedding coordinator had the guts to run away with all the payments for the suppliers. I know someone who dealt with a coordinator who arrived 30 minutes before the wedding. Not one guest received a souvenir and there wasn't a proper turnover after the wedding. Seriously, there are a lot who claim to be coordinators but don’t act like they’re one.

Fortunately for us, Fab Occasions headed by Camille Yamio did a very good job in making sure that we have a stress-free wedding. She gave me reminders during one of our initial meetings, most of which are things that haven’t even crossed my mind. I honestly thought that my planning was already perfect. But I was definitely mistaken. She asked me if we already had party poppers. I thought grains of rice and flower petals would do. She reminded me to have separate boxes for the church and reception items. I didn’t think it was necessary but it sure made our lives easier. She provided checklists which helped us define the things that need prioritizing over those that do not.

267563_10150293705117053_740802052_9300674_3890360_n Photo courtesy of Ian Santillan Photography

The team didn’t waste a single second as soon as they arrived at the hotel. They took charge of everything. It wasn’t the first time for Erlie and Aubrey to be designated as the maids of honor. They know the stress and hassles of carrying all the tasks of being one. That’s why I just laughed when they asked me what else they needed to do. Aubrey even said “Ano pa ba namang gagawin ko? E ginawa na lahat ng OTD mo.” That only means that I was successful with my initial plan of making sure that my friends also enjoy our special day.

They assigned Mae (I hope I got the spelling right) to be the bride’s assistant. I felt really spoiled and taken care of because she was always ready to help me out. I was amazed at how well-trained they are. I asked Mae to bring a bottle of water for me. She told me that she already has one in her bag. When I got thirsty, she gave me the water with a straw in it. It took me three seconds to realize that the straw was needed so my lipstick wouldn’t smear. Then after we let go of the doves, Mae came running towards us to give us hand sanitizer. And when Boyet, unconsciously blurted out that he was hungry during our post-nuptial shoot, Mae handed him some crackers. And during the reception, I didn’t worry a single thing. Nice, huh? ;-)

Engaged couples think that they can save by not getting a wedding planner/coordinator. I have to admit that I also battled with this idea. But then again, I am glad that I made the right choice with Fab Occasions. :)

Fab Occasions
Rating: 5/5


  1. This reminds me of The Wedding Planner! Haha I just watched the DVD recently. I've always been a frustrated events coordinator. :-P You look so lovely!

  2. Thanks Manila Girl! :)

    I also want to be an events coordinator. But seeing Fab Occasions work made me realize that it's not as glamorous as JLo portrayed it. It requires pure hard work. :)

  3. Good on you that you find the right catch in the wedding coordinator department. It sure is quite the struggle going through choosing the right wedding coordinator for your wedding. Still, congrats on a happy marriage.


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