Restaurant Review: Mexican Express

Published on August 25, 2011

FTFBadgeJeff and Joie were generous enough to invite us to go to UM (University Mall) as they claim it to be a haven for foodies like us. Because of our wedding preparations and house-hunting, it took us a while to say yes to their invitation. So after Boyet’s scheduled medical checkup, we braved the crowded LRT and went down to Quirino station. UM caters to students, most of them are from the nearby universities DLSU and CSB.

I forgot to tell Boyet that Joie, Jeff and Erlie are meeting us at Mexican Express. After hearing the word Mexican, his eyes rolled and his face turned sour. He’s not a big fan of Mexican food as his tongue is not accustomed to anything spicy. But I told him that it’s rude to turn down or become picky with someone’s invitation. I’m glad I convinced him because I was really excited to have some burrito!

We tried some quesadilla. Chicken for Erlie while Jeff and Joie got the Cheese Quesadilla. It was served hot making the melted cheese ooze from the quesadilla. I forgot to get the receipt so the prices are just approximation.

DSC_0774Chicken Quesadilla PHP80

My eyes immediately twinkled when I saw Cheese Flauta on their menu. I had cheese overload that day. The crispy appetizer was served with cold salsa on the side.

DSC_0775Cheese Flauta PHP80

Boyet chose to be on the safe side and stayed away from anything spicy. He wanted to try their rice meals. The sausage didn’t sweep me off my feet. Its taste reminded me of a local hotdog brand.

DSC_0768Sausage Rice Meal PHP110(?)

I am not really crazy with burritos because my first try wasn’t good. I had to rely on Joie’s claims that the burrito from Mexican Express is one of the best. I was a little hesitant to take a photo of what’s inside the burrito because I might end up messing everything.

You can choose between chicken and beef but I picked the latter. They also serve Super Burrito for those with bigger appetite.

DSC_0781Beef Burrito PHP90

The carefully wrapped tortilla has Mexican rice, beef strips, tomatoes and cheese inside. I decided to add more jalapeno giving my burrito an extra kick. The beef strips are really tender so I only ended up spitting out one strip. And Joie was right that it isn’t messy to eat.

The place is really small and cramped. We were the third group inside. The first was a family of four and the second was a large group of students. There were only two staff members, a male working in the kitchen and a female in the register who also helps in preparing the food. They also serve the food on the table so that’s definitely called multitasking. I know it is a small place and two people are probably enough but I don’t think it is sufficient to cater to the needs of their customers on time. But still, food is great and very affordable.

Mexican Express
Level 2
University Mall
Taft Ave., Manila

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