Supplier Review: G Hotel

Booking a hotel was one of the last things we accomplished. We spent a number of weekends walking along Intramuros, Pedro Gil, Roxas Blvd. and all other streets nearby. We went to Diamond Hotel because the idea of staying there was tempting but we were not willing to splurge on hotel accommodation. We just wanted a decent place for Boyet and I to relax and for our suppliers to freely move around during the wedding preparations.

After weeks of hunting and probably getting more muscles in my legs, we booked Hotel La Corona. I wasn’t really keen at booking them. Though it’s a quaint hotel that fell within our budget, I didn’t have the THIS IS IT feeling when we did the ocular visit. I was also imagining myself waking before and after my wedding day with the picturesque Manila Bay greeting me. But since Boyet decided to book it, I gladly submitted.

Two weeks after we booked them, we got a call from the hotel telling us that they would refund our reservation fee. They said that the hotel would undergo renovation until September. Thinking that we already got one to-do off the list, getting such a call set us to panic mode.

Since we’ve checked out all the possible hotels, it was time for us to go back to some of them. As per Boyet’s suggestion, we first went back to Manila Pavillion, the very first hotel we checked out. It’s closer to San Agustin Church so we were both convinced that it’s probably the best choice. But I just felt that their biggest room would not be enough and would probably look cramped with the number of people coming over for the preparations.

I persuaded Boyet for us to go back to G Hotel. We’ve seen their suite before we booked Hotel La Corona. It’s really spacious and has a good view of the Manila Bay. But it’s a bit pricey forcing us to take it out of our list. When we went back to inquire, the receptionist informed us that they have a promo! We would have wanted to take two suites since the deluxe room is just PHP1000 cheaper. But after checking, the receptionist told us that there’s only one suite left. Right then and there, we made the reservation.

They didn’t require us to pay the reservation fee. I just requested an acknowledgment receipt so I could have something to prove our reservation. And I wanted to have the assurance that we’d still get their promo rate upon our check-in. Nyaha!

I liked the minimalist, black and white design of the hotel. The suite wasn’t ready yet when we checked-in so we stayed in Boyet’s room while waiting. He didn't have the Manila Bay but the parking lot view instead. :p

The suite got almost everything a guest needs – complete toiletries, bath robes, towels, hair dryer and even a weighing scale. Some of the female entourage members stayed in the receiving area while having their make up done during the preps while I stayed inside the bedroom. Both rooms are equipped with cable TV although the one inside the bedroom has bad reception. And of course, nothing beats the calming sight of the Manila Bay. :)

Their staff is also nice. After we came back from the wedding, I noticed that my brother mistakenly took my toothpaste home. We called the reception in the middle of the night asking for toothpaste and it arrived in no time. Our reservation also comes with a breakfast for two. We had a taste of their breakfast buffet twice and we were satisfied.

Photos courtesy of Ian Santillan Photography

Looking back, I realized that the cancelled reservation from the first hotel we booked was indeed a blessing in disguise. :)

G Hotel
Rating: 4.5/5

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