Supplier Review: Rocky Blooms Flower Shop

I don’t know a lot about flowers. Aside from rose being the default Valentine's Day flower and the powerful bubble-maker gumamela, my knowledge is really limited. But then again, I can recite other kinds of flowers like dahlia, champaca and ilang-ilang only because they remind me of the girls’ department's sections when I was in grade school.

Talking to a wall is better than talking to Boyet about flowers so I had no other choice but to carry the task of choosing a florist for our wedding. I consulted the ever reliable Google which convinced me that my bridal bouquet would be a battle between tulips and Ecuadorian roses. But when I learned about their cost, I was more than willing to let go of that whim. And then it dawned on me. Will I end up picking gumamela from our neighbor's pot? I am dead serious. When you’re wedding budget spikes up beyond what you expected, you’ll resort to desperate measures.

Together with Boyet and my maids of honor, we braved the crowded Dangwa to search for a supplier. I was dumbfounded because for someone like me who knows nothing about flowers, everything just looks the same.

We went there with a supplier in mind as recommended by my office mate. I forgot to take note of her stall number so we asked people around. Everybody was claiming they know her! We ended up going to three stalls talking to people telling us that she is who we are looking for. We talked to one last woman and swore to us that she knows our office mate. She said, “Oo kilala ko yun. Yung matangkad na maputi na tiga-Quezon City!” We left her stall because everything she said about our office mate was wrong. The funny thing is that, the last woman we talked to was really the one we were looking for! She even told our office mate that she was humiliated because we didn’t trust her. Can you blame us after the hell we’ve been through? Lesson for all suppliers: KNOW YOUR CLIENTS! :)

We went home empty-handed. But I continued my search and I already made sure that I take note of the florist’s stall number to avoid another blunder. I sent an inquiry to Rocky Blooms asking if I could meet them up. I got a reply saying that they’ll be in a bridal fair so we could meet them up there instead. They told us that their store is just beside Noodle King Pares Mami House. I scratched my head wondering why I didn’t see it when we went to Dangwa.

Being unreliable with flowers, I grabbed their photo album and just pointed at the things I like. Ate Rona was also very helpful in giving suggestions. I also learned something interesting that day. Most of the florists in Dangwa are male! IKR?

I decided to have local roses for my bouquet. I tried to convince myself that it’s ok. I don’t need the more expensive tulips or Ecuadorian roses. I want my guests to look at me and not let the bridal bouquet steal the show.

When the OTD coordinator showed me the bouquet, she probably noticed me frowning. I didn’t respond when she asked me if I like it. I just gave her another frown. But everybody in the room convinced me that it looks good. So should I say again that I know nothing about flower arrangements?

264227_10150293717637053_740802052_9300847_478774_nPhotos courtesy of Ian Santillan Photography

Looking at our wedding pictures, I actually liked all the other arrangements (except mine hehe :p). I think what happened to me was just pre-wedding jitters. :p

Rocky Blooms Flower Shop
Rating: 4/5

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