Supplier Review: Goldenhills Jewelry

A lot of people told us to just go to Ongpin to buy our wedding rings. But we’ve also heard stories that aside from shops selling affordable jewelries, Ongpin is also flooded with opportunists who take advantage of people who can’t tell the difference between what’s authentic and what’s not. Since we don’t know anybody from Ongpin and we don’t have any knowledge in jewelries, we decided not to take the risk.

We went to a bridal fair in Megamall with the intention of booking a supplier for our wedding rings. We explored the area three times but still ended up empty-handed. We passed by the booth of Goldenhills but nothing appealed to us. As we went out of the venue, we noticed that there is a Goldenhills branch, which of course is larger than the booth from the bridal fair. We made a quick inquiry to the salespersons and found out that they also offer the same discounts like the items included in the bridal fair.

Boyet emphasized that he does not want stones in his wedding ring. The salespersons told us that we can transfer the stones to my ring if we opt to. Boyet made his choice in three minutes while I couldn’t even pick one after looking at the display cabinet for ten minutes. I heard Boyet’s sigh which was my cue that he’s already bored and probably losing his patience. Fortunately, the staff backed me up and told me not to rush. They said that I should take my time since we’ll be wearing our rings for the rest of our lives. :)

I chose two from the wide array of their designs. We then had to deliberate among the three choices we came up. After a while, we were down to two. Both are really nice though I was really leaning towards my pick rather than with Boyet’s. Boyet’s choice has stones that are not protruding. I was thinking at that time that if we go with Boyet’s preference, it only means that they need to transfer all the stones to my ring. I actually didn’t like the idea because I want our wedding rings to look the same.

Being an eccentric bride-to-be, I went with the non-traditional style. Boyet liked it but he would not let go of his choice; well, not until we asked the opinion of my maid of honor Erlie. When Erlie said that she liked my pick better than Boyet’s, everybody from the store agreed with her. Knowing that he was outnumbered, Boyet finally let it go. But after a while, he immediately conceded and told me that my choice really looks better than his. I think he was just trying to persuade me because his choice is cheaper than mine. =))

After settling the downpayment, they told us that we can avail of their layaway plan. We just have to make sure that the payment be completed at least two weeks before the wedding. The initial engrave on the rings were I LOVE YOU. It took us months to come up with a replacement for it since I LOVE YOU is too common. We spent hours brainstorming. The ideas range from the simplest up to the most outrageous. Of course the outrageous ones came from Boyet. Then one day, I asked him if we can put I’M TAKEN on our rings. Without batting an eyelash, he agreed.

263111_10150293694337053_740802052_9300493_2558685_nOur wedding rings with my two engagement rings

When we came back to Goldenhills a month before our wedding to finalize the design, Boyet did most of the talking. When the sales lady asked him what should be engraved on our rings, he proudly said "I’M TAKEN!" I was so embarrassed that I literally hid my face using my hands. I said, “Nakakahiya!” Then Boyet replied, “Ikaw nakaisip nyan ha?” The sales lady laughed and told us that it’s cute and unique.

We also asked them to engrave our wedding date along the inner shank so there is no excuse in forgetting our wedding anniversary. Nyaha!

270259_10150293694397053_740802052_9300496_8310953_nPhotos courtesy of Ian Santillan Photography

The staff is really friendly and accommodating. They sent us a text message letting us know that our rings are ready for pick-up. When we went back to get our rings, I asked if they could adjust the size. It was really my fault because I settled with one size smaller than my actual ring size. I thought it was ok. But when I came back to fit it, my ring finger could not “breathe”. They gladly changed it without additional charges.

We are also entitled to lifetime free cleaning and resizing. So I guess we’re stuck with Goldenhills for life. :)

Goldenhills Jewelry
Rating: 4.5/5


  1. Yeah you are correct. Ongpin is a good place for jewelries but there are so many sellers na mandaraya. Kaya Ongpin is not on our list to look for our weddinf rings also.

    Nice blog, informative ;) Keep it up..


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