Supplier Review: Gloria and Hazel

I didn’t want to burden our female entourage members in buying their dresses. Even if my mom convinced me that it is more practical if we ask them to shoulder the expenses for their dresses, I didn’t waver. Besides, I don’t want to go through the stress of having some members of the entourage not following the dress code.

Since most of them are petite and I didn’t want our wedding to look so formal, I decided that they should all wear dresses that are above the knee. I gave them the liberty to choose a design they want. I told them though that their dresses should be pink with black accent.

My maids of honor searched for prospective suppliers while I was in the US. As soon as I came back, I went to Divisoria with them. We narrowed our choices down to three based on their designs, quality of the dresses, intricacy of bead works and value for money. We showed them our pegs for quotations. After hours of searching, our decision was unanimous in choosing Gloria and Hazel.

The dresses range from PHP700 to PHP800. We were charged PHP500 for the flower girls' dresses. Aside from the bridesmaids, secondary sponsors and flower girls, some female principal sponsors, our mothers and Boyet’s sisters also got their services. We also got them to do the Barong Tagalog for the bearers.

We first went to their shop early this year to get the measurements of the first batch of entourage. We actually liked the way the dresses turned out. I wasn’t really expecting an output that can be compared to those from the first class couturiers. It wasn’t perfect but the quality is good enough relative to the price we paid.

We were satisfied with the first batch of dresses. They are good in copying the pegs but not when you add other details to the designs. The next batches of orders were far from the first. We returned almost everything because of erroneous measurements. If they made a mistake in waist lines then I might blame the entourage for gaining weight. The problem is that the dresses and Barong Tagalog are either too short or too long. A lot of details that we requested were also missed. We also had to make numerous follow-ups before they answer to our inquiries. My mom even had to threaten them that she’d cancel her dress if they don’t follow the scheduled delivery.

264227_10150293717637053_740802052_9300847_478774_nPhotos courtesy of Ian Santillan Photography

We actually never met Gloria and Hazel. All transactions were made through their assistants. It was easy to deal with Ate Jane. The other assistant who took all the measurements of the second batch of dresses and Barong Tagalog really got to our nerves.

I was a little worried that the dresses might not look good on them. I was more worried that they’d hate me for making them wear such dresses. Fortunately, we were just lucky enough that we have good-looking friends and relatives. Sabi nga nila, “Nasa nagdadala lang yan!” :p

Gloria and Hazel
Pasilio K16 Cluster Building
Rating: 3/5

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