A Breeze of Good Deeds # 21: Bawal Mainis

I’ll take a break from my supplier reviews. I just want to share to my readers how I feel so blessed this week. It started with what I thought would simply be an ordinary lunch break.

I shared the table with three other office mates when we started discussing about the controversial SUVs of some bishops. That conversation led to another. Before we knew it, we were already discussing about judgment day. The three of us kept on throwing a lot of questions to another office mate. That’s when I realized that I am really blessed to be surrounded with people who really understand the word of God.

After that conversation, I decided to have a new mantra: BAWAL MAINIS! I know some people may tell me that it is normal to get annoyed. But the problem is, it has already become a habit for me to get irritated easily. We all decided that if outside forces cause us to get irritated or grumpy, we should first pray before doing something that we would probably regret in the end. When I got back to my work station, my patience was tested right away. I was surprised that chanting my newest mantra over and over helped me control my emotions.

My patience was put to a test again this morning when Boyet and I watched Harry Potter in 3D. Before entering the theater, I told Boyet “Sana behaved mga kasama natin sa loob.” We had a lot of horrible experiences when other moviegoers do not take into consideration that there are other people who also paid the same price they did to watch a movie. I’ve experienced people seated at my back who rock my chair. There were also a lot of times when other people get to our nerves when they start talking (not whispering) to their seatmates instead of watching the movie. And the most irritating of all is when other people talk ABOUT the movie without realizing that there are others who can hear them!

Most of the time, we really get their attention and inform them to tone it down. Sometimes, we say it in the most polite way possible. But if one request is not enough, then we have the tendency to become confrontational.

Now back to my Harry Potter experience…

A couple was seated beside me. From the looks of it, it was the girl’s first time to watch in 3D. She started asking a LOT of questions and even whined that she’s not comfortable wearing the glasses. I was like, “Then why are you here?” The talking did not stop. We could not transfer since it was reserved seating and the movie has already started. So while chatting my mantra, I whispered a prayer. I said,

“Lord, please give more patience. Help me become more tolerant. And please let these two people realize that they are not the only persons here inside the cinema.”

After a few minutes, the guy told the girl that he’d ask the guard if they could transfer in the vacant seats below. And before I knew it, they were already gone.

So you see, never underestimate the power of prayer. It’s easier to talk to God than start a war which you probably can’t finish.

Have a blessed week ahead!

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