Supplier Review: Adeb Bridal Cars

Barely a month after our wedding day, I finally got the chance to share with you some bits and pieces of our special day. We were really lucky to be blessed with talented and friendly suppliers who treated our wedding as if it was their own. Most met our expectations; others even exceeded what we expected from them. Because of this, it’s inevitable for us to think that those who performed so-so do not even come close compared to those who did great.

I basically had a say in even the smallest detail on our wedding preparations. But there came a time when I got overwhelmed with the things that I needed to attend to. So I decided to delegate some of my tasks to Boyet. The first thing I asked him to do was to book for a bridal car. Some said that a nice car looks good in wedding pictures. But I wasn’t really particular at what to get although I must admit that I was dreaming to ride a Chrysler or those super cool vintage cars. But on second thought, why would we pay that much for a three-hour service?

We booked Adeb Bridal Cars. I didn’t even care what type of car Boyet got. He showed me a picture and I said yes without thinking twice.

254183_2168446495876_1388113318_32554367_2699645_nPhoto courtesy of my friend Ogie Lee

The driver was on time during the wedding day. He greeted me and that was it. He was just there to drive. The car was ok. I was in the car with one videographer, one bride’s assistant from the OTD team and one HMUA assistant.

It would have been a fine service. The driver reminded us that they’d charge us with PHP1000/hour if we go beyond 6 p.m. But since we had to do post-nup pictorial, we arrived at RMC by 6:13. Because of this, the driver insisted that we should pay for the extra hour. I know it is a business but it was only freaking 13 minutes! The driver decided to call his boss. Boyet talked to him. Even our head coordinator convinced the owner and emphasized that she has booked Adeb a lot of times for her clients. But the owner did not falter. Boyet tried to bargain and asked if we could just pay PHP250. He even explained that PHP250 is equivalent to 15 minutes and that would be fair enough for the 13 minutes we used up. Nyaha!

In the end, the owner insisted that we must pay PHP500. Boyet told me that the owner wasn’t really pleasant to talk with. We finally let it go because we didn’t want to ruin our day.

When we went out of the car, my husband said while laughing, “HAHAHA! Yari kayo sa asawa kong blogger!” :p

Adeb Bridal Cars
Rating: 2/5

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