Wedding Emcee: Dulce Amor Fortunado

Our qualifications for our wedding emcee are quite simple. First, the emcee should ALWAYS be grammatically correct. He or she may forget everything but not the subject-verb agreement. And second, we want someone with a big sense of humor. Laughter has been and will always be a part of our relationship so it’s really nice for someone to make everybody laugh on our special day.

Balance is still the key. We want someone who is fluent in English but would not sound like a trying hard social climber. The emcee must also carry his or her sense of humor well so as not to make our reception turn into a comedy bar.

With the above criteria in mind, Boyet and I started to search online forums. We sent text messages to a few people and later on decided to meet Dulce Fortunado.

Her credentials are remarkable as she used to have a radio program and she is currently working as a trainer in DFA. We had dinner and she did most of the talking for two hours. She speaks well both with English and Filipino. She's bubbly and really has an intelligent sense of humor. She was nice enough to walk us through a typical wedding reception and even gave us a few tips and ideas for our program.

dulceSay "Hi" to Dulce! :)

Photo grabbed from Dulce's Facebook account

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