And we’re down to one…

We’re now one month away from the beginning of the rest of our lives. :)

We were not able to celebrate our last monthsary since Boyet and I are both swamped with work. But just this morning, he got me a pack of Chips Ahoy – the same monthsary gift he first gave to me six years ago! Hahaha!

With our big day fast approaching, I am slowing down a bit in blogging because I need to juggle work and wedding preparations. I bet you are noticing that my posts are getting shorter. This post is not any different. I was planning to post one of the three prenuptial pictures I received from our photographer but I changed my mind! Nyaha! So instead, I’ll just share our “save the date” card which also matches our book-themed wedding.

That's it for now. I told you this is going to be a short post. :)

... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. - When Harry Met Sally


  1. One month to go! Woot! Can't wait to see the prenup pics :D

  2. Haha! Not for public consumption :p

  3. Nice layout! I love the wacky photos!

  4. hello je! i really enjoyred reading your blog for 4 straight days, natapos ko lahat ng entries mo.hehehe!well, best wishes and continue to inspire others..familiar ako sa hang out malls mo like greenbelt and rob mla since taga sta ana ako and jan din kami lage ngpupunta ng family ko, im a mom of two kids na..btw, God bless always!

    may i ask kung saan mo binili yung gift mo ke kriska yung lalagyan ng mga cards yung prang wallet na organizer cute kase eh gusto ko rin...pls pm me..thank thanks!!

  5. That's a really cute concept! The books I mean. :-) Love the Cecelia Ahern quote, did she really say that in the book? Hehe. I've forgotten.

  6. @Ronelie, I sent you a PM :)
    @ManilaGirl, yeah I think so :)


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