Me, Him and Mr. Choi

It’s ironic that Boyet and I have been to Mr. Choi Kitchen countless of times but never the two of us together. He has been pleading for the longest time but I somehow lost interest despite their delicious food because of their slow service. Boyet took advantage of a Sunday morning when I wasn’t in the mood to choose a place for lunch. I gave in and went back to Mr. Choi Kitchen.

Another thing that surprised me is the fact that I have not even tried their baked rice varieties. Boyet told me that it is one of his favorites and also warned me that the serving might be too much for the two of us. We got their Baked Rice with Asado. Customers can choose the type of sauce so we opted for the white sauce.

IMG_3264 Baked Asado Rice with White Sauce PHP200

It came in a very big deep bowl which affirmed Boyet’s warning. It was a complete meal having the rice and tender asado in one bowl.

We initially asked for spring rolls but the waitress came back after a few minutes saying that they're not available so we got their Japanese siomai instead. Nothing beats siomai dipped with calamansi, soy sauce and chili paste.

IMG_3269Japanese Siomai PHP95

Service is really slow on regular days so we should have anticipated that it was going to be even slower on an Easter Sunday when most of their employees are probably out on vacation. I was really irritated when I called the attention of one waitress and just said “Wait lang po.” She didn’t come back and we saw her fixing her hair net, drank three glasses of water from the bar and then even managed to chat with the other employees as customers continue to pile up. We heard a lot of wait lang po from the wait staff. Oh yeah, they are called WAITers and WAITresses.

Mr. Choi Kitchen
Level 1 Faura Wing
Robinsons Place Manila


  1. Sometimes it is really disappointing when the place with yummy food have a poor/slow service.Waiting for a long time surely ruin your appetite if not your craving.

  2. yum! that siomai looks good!

  3. that baked asado rice sounds delicious and yes, siomai, i love it! on the other hand, sad to hear that staff are like that. i think no matter how delicious their food but if the service is not good, eventually they will be loosing customers...hope the management can notice that! anyway, have a great weekend!


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