Serenata Strings

Putting a voice to describe the love we have on our wedding day is probably the easiest thing for us. There was no need for me to research online forums or go to wedding fairs to book for a wedding singer.

Our close friend Yen witnessed almost all the ups and downs of our relationship. A year after we became a couple, she already told me that she wants to sing on my wedding day. I have full confidence with her talent so I didn’t think twice in getting her. Singing is her life. She’s always present in all activities in the office where belting is required. While I was always away from the limelight cheering and selling tickets for her. Haha! She has been a wedding singer for quite some time so I can’t think of anybody else who can play the part as good as she can.

She even offered to coordinate our wedding day but I told her not to. She waited long enough for us to get married so we want her and all our friends to enjoy and make our special day theirs too.

She will be accompanied by Serenata Strings whom I haven’t heard yet play. But Yen assured me that they’re the greatest so I am giving my complete trust to their team. :)

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