The Day Two Wishes Came True

We woke up earlier than the usual. And with only seven people inside the gigantic Fully Booked, we couldn’t help but doze off. Haha!

Our prenuptial shoot wasn’t as flawless as we hoped it to be as we experienced quite a few glitches. Though forced to do my makeup inside a car, Irene Manigo made sure that the stress of working overtime and the lines resulting from lack of sleep would not show in the photos. And with Ian Santillan working his wonders, the above photo is just one of the many proofs that nothing can hinder pure talent. ;-)

And I just realized while writing this post that our prenuptial shoot made me cross out two of my wishes - #4 and #14. And yes, I’m just a few days away from wish #19!


  1. Best wishes to you and Boyet! :) (Now I am no longer a QUIET fan of your blog)

  2. wow be grateful on the wishes that came true

    hope to hear from you on my latest post:


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