Kasambuhay sa Habambuhay

There is a Filipino tradition called pamamanhikan where the groom’s family is formally asking the bride’s family for her hand in marriage. Last night, my family has finally met Boyet’s family. While we were having dinner, Boyet and I were both surprised when we found out that his parents got married on July 4. Yes, Boyet does not know the wedding anniversary of his parents. Anyway, we just stared blankly at each other because we got engaged on July 4 and we’re getting married on June 12 which also happens to be my parents’ wedding anniversary. Of course, the latter was intentional because I know when my parents got married. We also found out last night that we were both baptized on the same day, February 26, 1984. Nice, huh? :)

I was busy washing the dishes thinking about how these dates have changed my life when I heard a familiar song. I ran to our living room but wasn’t able to catch it on TV. It was shown again after a few minutes and before I knew it, my tears have started to fall. I have always loved Apo Hiking Society’s songs. If I’m not mistaken, this same song was part of Regine’s wedding vow to Ogie.

Getting married is not easy. I know that some girls are just seeing the glamour of preparing a wedding without knowing that it takes a great deal of patience just to put everything together for a single day. They don’t realize that the extravagance will just last for a day, but the promise that they will make must and should last for a lifetime.

My girlfriends have been asking me if I’m excited with my wedding. They are shocked when I say no. Honestly, preparing for a wedding is really stressful especially now that we are both busy with work. I am not really excited with the wedding, but I am VERY excited that “the rest of our lives” is just within our reach.

This new Nestle TV ad will probably inspire those who are still looking for THE ONE. It will probably give hope to those who have been hurt and have already stopped believing in love. For those who have already given up but were still lucky enough to have been given a chance to spend the rest of their lives with another person, this will make them appreciate and value their partners in life. I hope everybody is given the same chance. :)

“Ang sarap kapag nahanap mo ang iyong kasambuhay sa habambuhay”


  1. i hope you'd have marital bliss forever :)

    visiting you from TBE :)

    Drop by my CRIB. Please don't forget to follow me @ GFC & NetworkedBlogs. Thanks very much!

    Have a great week!

  2. I guess it shows that some things are really meant to be. :-)

    The ad was really touching, kudos to Nestle and their marketing group!

  3. This made me cry!

    I pray you have a wonderful marriage and a lovely life ahead!

  4. I still watch it over and over. Thanks for all your well wishes! :)


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