Where To Eat In Binondo: Ying Ying Tea House

A few weeks ago, I was scheduled to bring some female members of our entourage to Divisoria for their measurements to be taken. I suddenly had a light bulb moment when I found out that Jeff and Joie were free that morning. I asked them out for a Binondo food trip. I didn’t have any expectations. I just told Jeff that Boyet and I would eat anything he suggests. So after a few minutes of (overpriced) kuliglig ride, we arrived at Ying Ying Tea House. I forgot to take our receipt so I’ll just try my best to give you the names of the things we had.

Jeff recommended Japanese siomai. Ying Ying’s Japanese siomai stands out not only because of the yummy siomai but also with its thick clear sauce. It somehow reminded me of the one I tried in Wai Ying. But my vote goes to Ying Ying.

We also got hakao – shrimp dumplings with soft and translucent coating. The nice thing about their hakao is that I was able to savor the flavors of the shrimps and not the flour-like taste of the coating. It is best paired with toyomansi with chili garlic sauce.

Boyet was still recuperating from flu so we got their bird’s nest soup. The waitress was serious when she told us that the soup is good for four. Each of us got equal servings of the soup.

We were choosing between Yang Chow and Salted Fried Rice but we settled for the latter as per Joie’s wish. Ironically, she complained that the Salted Fried Rice is salty! Nyaha! I got accustomed to Yang Chow when I eat in Chinese restaurants so it was nice to try a different variety that day. Honestly, it was a good choice. :)

We got a plate of spicy squid. I was expecting it to be really hot but it was too mild for my bold taste buds. I had to look and dig for the chili strips so I could taste the spiciness. I wish it could have been spicier but I don’t think my lunch mates would enjoy if it was.

The name of this dish escaped my mind. Sorry but I really can’t remember. Help me Joie! Haha! Was it sizzling chicken? I think it was. I may have forgotten it's name but not everyone’s reaction when they tasted it. This dish perfectly describes the saying, “Sarsa pa lang, ulam na!” :)

To quench our thirst from the heat of the afternoon and to cleanse our palates from the bursting flavors from our lunch, Joie and I decided to try their cold milk tea. It was the first time that I’m trying milk tea so I was really surprised that I liked it. Boyet and Jeff had lemonade.

With their generous servings, I was surprised that we only paid PHP1200+. People were endlessly coming though I wasn’t sure if it was only because we were there at lunchtime. But I wasn't surprised with the flow of customers because they really serve good food.

Ying Ying Tea House
233-235 Dasmarinas St.
Cor. Yuchengo St.
Binondo, Manila

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