Restaurant Review: Amis Restaurant

Every person has at least one restaurant to remind them of their childhood. Next to Aristocrat in Malate, my parents used to celebrate a lot of our milestones in Amis, a then very famous restaurant in Quiapo. My dad knows the place by heart so we usually eat there after hearing mass. We would also go directly there after our yearly recognition day in school. Quiapo before was very much different and less crowded than it is today. Malls back then were not as many as we have now, so a trip to Quiapo was already a luxury for us. We all went back there with Boyet a couple of years ago when I bought my camera in Hidalgo. Prior to that, my last visit was when I was still in high school.

Since the parish clerk asked me to come back after lunch for my baptismal certificate, we took advantage of the spare time to go to Quiapo. Saying that the place is crowded is an understatement. Boyet asked if we could go back to Amis. I couldn’t remember how to get there so I was surprised that he found it since his sense of direction is not really promising.

The place hasn’t changed much. I don’t think it has changed at all other than the pile of vendors blocking the restaurant’s facade making it really difficult to find. We finalized our orders and the food arrived even before we could blink our eyes.

DSC_0127Wanton Soup PHP68

We shared a bowl of hot wanton soup. Pieces of tasty dumplings and some greens floated over the hot soup. Boyet was guessing that it either has milk or ground rice. Yes there was something different with the soup but I couldn’t figure it out. I don’t mind as long as I am enjoying it. I sip the soup and a certain nostalgic feeling came over me as if I saw a younger version of myself.

They offer single serving of fried rice for only thirty pesos and forty pesos which is good for sharing. I never imagined real edible food will still cost this low. It wasn’t the best fried rice but it was still ok.

DSC_0129Fried Rice PHP40

Boyet wanted to try their Binagoongang Lechon. I’m so glad we did. The dish wasn’t shouting that it has bagoong because its saltiness was just right. The pork strips were still crispy even after being soaked. I just found myself continuously munching and later on restrained myself from doing so. It wasn’t the healthiest food but we managed to balance the guilt with the next dish.

DSC_0132Binagoongang Lechon PHP110

I am so proud of my future husband because he now takes the initiative to put vegetables in the table. I remember a few years back when I even need to nag him and sometimes literally push the vegetables down to his throat.

Now back to our food. I wasn’t expecting too much that’s why I was really amazed when I saw that there were many shrimps in the chopsuey. I was surprised that it stood by its name.

DSC_0133Shrimp Chopsuey PHP125

Their sago with black gulaman is my all-time favorite. I don’t think its taste has ever changed. It’s still the same refreshing sweet treat that really reminded me of my growing up years. Boyet also had it. I think he enjoyed it as much as I did.

DSC_0137Sago with Black Gulaman PHP48

We could not believe that we only spent PHP439 for lunch. We were both full which gave me more energy to battle the crowd. It also somehow eased my grumpiness after dealing with an unfriendly parish clerk. I was really happy that I got the chance to go back to Amis. :)

Amis Restaurant
672 Carriedo St..,
Quiapo, Manila


  1. oh, lots of good food, that soup makes me want one! binagoongan makes me hungry and most of all that sago't gulaman, i am missing for long time now! sarap ng kain nyo for sure!

    anyway, please visit me and get your slice of almond chocolate cake! happy Friday! :)

  2. nothing beats good old Pinoy food shared with the whole family. Parang gusto ko ng binagoongang lechon..

    Check my The Coffee House FTF Entry :)

  3. wants the fried rice! Happy GT!

  4. i'll choose shrimp chopsuey..:)

    vegetables vegetables..weeh!

    Don’t forget to visit My Food Trip Friday wink*

  5. waaaaaaaa i miss Quiapo...yong eldest ko sa Sta. Cruz Church naman biniyagan, tapos yong bunso sa San Miguel, Malacanang naman bininyagan. Noong nagka lindol noong 1991, sa Quaipo kami nakatira noon, sa kabila lang ng Carriedo.

    Na miss ko na din ang binagoongan lechon waaaaaa..yum yum

    Happy FTF. Mine is here

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  7. we're near to Quiapo and can get to the place for only a regular fare of P8, but never know about Amis. I must dine here one time.


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