My Honorable Maids

Living with a brother, I have always wondered how it felt to have a sister. Good thing though that God has showered me with girlfriends. I don’t have a lot of them but I am very confident that the very few ones I have are willing to move mountains with me if needed.

Our story started way back college. We all came from different groups of friends. As we joke about it, we were “ousted” and “evicted”. College was one hell of a life but I was fortunate that I spent it with two sisters. We didn’t really mind if there was hostility because we all believed that we came to the university to get a degree and not to socialize with those who don’t like to be with us. But there were also a few who took the chance to get to know us, and with that, we will forever be grateful.

We were not the usual college girls. We’d rather spend sleepovers at our house and watch movies than join drinking sessions. People thought we were boring. But I believe that it’s not the things you do that makes a day exciting, it’s the people you spend time with.

Most of the time, nobody wanted to join our group. But we have proven that we were enough when we just stick together. Some guys didn’t even know how to use a soldering iron, all of us could. We were all good in math, although we know who the best is. We take turns in preparing documentations, but that territory belongs to only one. Nobody wanted programming, so I was forced to take it.

I remember a suitor once told me, “I’m only courting you, not all three of you.” Those words earned him the honor of being dumped. You can't love me without loving the ones I love.

Although we were close, we still respect each others' privacy. We don’t give opinions until sought for. We don’t make common enemies. If somebody dislikes one of us, we make sure to distance away from the conflict and still treat the other party with utmost respect. But if the other party pushes us against the wall, then that’s a different story.

We’ve laughed together. We’ve wiped each others' tears. So it doesn’t take a genius to realize that they will be holding one of the most important spots in my wedding day. I don’t want to put myself into the difficulty of choosing between the two so I decided to take both.

11037_192487718617_617343617_2937222_1919783_nMy Maids of Honor (Erlie and Aubrey)

Erlie Flor Tenorio is a big joke. Her name is Erlie but she is always LATE. Haha! She may have the busiest and craziest schedule but she never failed to miss any of our out of town getaways. I remember asking her to come with me to a wedding fair. She gladly obliged even if she just came from a 12-hour night shift.

If I want somebody to listen to me, I’ll go to her. If I want to hear something from somebody, then she is not the person to go to because she’s probably sleeping already after I finish my piece. When we were still in college, she was always the first person to go to sleep. It’s not that she does not give sensible advices because she really does. You just have to take it out away from her. You have to force her to give you one. And when she does, you’ll be forever grateful that you sought for it. One time while we were walking out of the National Library, she said something that I never thought would change my life forever. She said that the more time I spend waiting for the wrong person to be right for me means less time for me to be with the right one. I might be too busy making things work without me knowing that the right person has already passed by.

She may strike as a boring person. But she’s definitely not! She may look like she does not know how to crack a joke. But her one-time-big-time punch lines will crack us for days. I know that she won’t be late on my wedding day. I know that everybody will be freaked out but she’ll manage to stay calm (but hopefully awake) amidst all the stress. And I know that she’ll crack jokes to make me one stress-free bride.

Celerhina Aubrey Reyes may sound old-fashioned but she’s definitely far from being one. I always tease them that I am the most normal among the three of us. Fortunately, they admit to this fact. If Erlie is the quiet type, then Aubrey is the loudest. I always tell her that she might have swallowed a megaphone when she was young. If Erlie is the most conservative, then you connect the dots. Back in college, we were all hooked up to Charmed. She claims she’s Phoebe because she’s the sexiest. Duh! But in reality, this is because she always falls in love with a demon. (She’s going to kill me for this!)

She bailed out on us a lot of times. Most of the times, her opinions are very far from us. Years ago, our friendship was put to a test making us drift apart. But after a few text messages, things were back to normal.

Once, she wore red pants. And that brought us trouble! Someone couldn’t stand the sight and confronted her. I wasn’t with her when it happened. She came back with the story and I couldn’t stop laughing. Every time I want to piss her off or make her shut up, I bring up the red pants incident. It has always been my favorite. That's the kind of friend I am! Haha!

Erlie and I say something but she does the opposite. According to her, I’m her number 1 “kontrabida”. She knows that I have a sixth sense that can read people’s attitudes. She knows that I have a crystal ball that can predict her future. But she still does everything her own way. She has always managed to stand by her choices - standing, but most of the time crying. She loves breaking the rules. There are times that she tries things without seeing the consequences. But sometimes I envy her spontaneity. There are times that I wonder how it feels to do something the way you want it. But then again, I am not good at that. I am better portraying my part. And that is to wipe her tears or hit her head so she can come to her senses. But come my wedding day, I know that the tears she’ll shed are for me. And those tears won’t root from her heartbreak but from extreme happiness that I am finally one step away from fulfilling my lifelong wish.

Ten years ago, the three of us dreamt together. We were one of those idealistic college students full of hopes that we’ll all make it big in the corporate world. I know that some of our plans have not yet materialized. But as one of us makes one small step, the other two cheer on the sideline. And now that I am making one giant leap, it feels good that they are still behind me to witness it.


  1. I'm not even halfway done but I had to comment already! I love how you described your relationship with your ladies! I could totally relate, I actually felt like I wrote it myself! :) We prefer sleepovers too, and know the who's who is programming and documentation and soldering! Haha, i love this post! Girlfriends are love! And oh, congratulations on your upcoming wedding :D

  2. Nyaha! That's life in PLM. :) Thanks for dropping by Maudey :)

  3. OMG! I can't believe I didn't comment on this one. Hahahaha! I will love you both forever and you know that. mwah!


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