On Themes and Colors

Choosing the theme and colors for our wedding was easier than deciding for a specific supplier. First, I don’t think guys really pay attention on the small details. And second, budget is not an issue since making a choice is free. :p

Blue is our favorite color but I find it too common. I really wanted to deviate away from the usual so I asked Boyet if we could infuse the color black in our wedding. Blue and black does not seem to look that nice. I was so scared that it might look too gloomy so pink crossed my mind.

I get mixed reactions when people find out that we’re having a pink and black wedding. Kriska was ecstatic when she found out. But she was also confused because she knows that pink is not my favorite color. She told me that it’s already a given if she has a pink wedding but she never thought that I’d be too "girly" to even think of having one.

My mom was shocked at first saying that it’s very unusual to have black in a wedding. But my mom and I have already come to an agreement ever since we started with the preparations that since Boyet and I are shouldering all the expenses, we are free to decide whatever we want for our wedding. So after her initial reaction, she has remained mum until this day. Haha!

I honestly don’t get it why people make such a big deal. It is our wedding so we can use whatever color we wish to. And if people are scared that black will bring us bad luck, then it definitely defeats the purpose of why we’re getting married. I firmly believe that God will bless our married life and the color of the dress that would be worn by my bridesmaids will not have any effect on our marriage. It will just be Boyet, Je and God. The color wheel will not play a part. :)

After deciding the colors, I asked him if he wants to have a specific theme. I told him that it should be our common interest. Since I love to read and even just the sight of a book makes me happy, I asked him to consider having a book-themed wedding. He always tells me that none of these things really matter to him as long as I come on that day and say I DO. Whatever! Hahahaha!

collage Books, Pink and Black!

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