Restaurant Review: Soi - Our First Attempt at a Thai Restaurant

I remember trying Thai Iced Tea and Thai Curry Soup but I don’t think Boyet and I have been to a Thai restaurant until a few weeks ago. Soi is a newly-opened Thai restaurant in Robinson’s Place Manila. Knowing that Boyet has very low tolerance for spicy food, I was surprised that he agreed when I suggested that we try Soi.

As soon as we’re seated, the waiter served us with peanuts and chips. I wasn’t sure if it was fried potato chips. I am just sure that it was awesome, very tasty for something free. It was a nice way to warm-up our palates.

DSC_0093Complimentary Appetizers

Craving again for something to warm his stomach, Boyet studied the different kinds of soup in the menu. He already had an idea that the Gaeng Som is somewhat similar to our local sinigang. But there was no description in the menu so he sought help from the waiter. It turns out that his assumption was right. The soup has a very generous serving of fish and perfectly-cooked vegetables. The taste was just as exciting as its vibrant colors.

DSC_0107Gaeng Som with Fish PHP280

We got a serving of their Crabmeat Fried Rice. I initially thought that it would not be enough for the two of us but I was wrong. With something like this, there is actually no need for a viand.

DSC_0109Crabmeat Fried Rice PHP188

After a few tries of the Gaeng Som, Boyet gave up and begged if I could finish the dish. I knew he couldn’t handle the heat! It was a good thing though that we got chicken wings. I got a piece but noticed that it wasn’t well-cooked. I don’t want to get sick because of salmonella so I tried to get the waiter’s attention. The supervisor came to our table and apologized. He went back after a few minutes with the chicken wings which we devoured right away. The chili sauce went well with this simple dish. But of course, Boyet skipped the dip. :p

DSC_0114Fried Chicken Wings PHP188

It was a nice decision for me to get the Pomelo Shake and for Boyet to have the Watermelon shake for it helped a lot in cleansing our palates.

DSC_0104Pomelo and Watermelon Shake PHP75

My first try of a Thai restaurant was a nice experience. I just don’t think I can say the same with my food buddy. :)

Soi Fine Thai Cusine
Level 1 (near Cabalen)
Robinsons Place Manila


  1. yes, Thai soup can ber really very spicy =)

    I enjoy visiting them and my favorite Thai dish is Chicken Pandan.

    hope you can visit my entry here

  2. the soup is a good choice. i love Thai cuisine and i'm a suki to every Thai resto nearby.

  3. i love thai soup, spicy yet very yummy! that chicken looks crunchy!

  4. I love chicken wings!

    here's mine

  5. That looks sumptuous!

    Spice Up Your Life, have a safe and happy weekend.


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