Book Review: Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner

I bought this book from Barnes & Noble after I finished reading the only book I brought with me in the US. I actually haven’t heard of author Jennifer Weiner. Honestly, I just purchased it because the reviews at the back say it’s hilarious. I was missing home so I needed something to ease my homesickness. The front cover showing the backs of two women in the beach also appealed to me. It reminded me of my beach buddies. :)

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I started reading it while I was in the US but I put it aside when my schedule got crazier when I came back. But when I got the luxury to squeeze in reading while riding jeepneys, I couldn’t put it down.

Best Friends Forever is a story of Valerie and Addie, whose friendship rooted from childhood but was ruined by circumstances and wrong choices. But then again, as the book says, some bonds cannot be broken.

Some parts of the novel were really bizarre. But the sudden bursts of jokes all throughout the novel were really enjoyable. The back story of each character was emphasized well and made me as a reader sympathize with them. It’s as if the bullies were given a chance in this book to explain and redeem themselves. Weiner managed to discuss the difficulties teenagers face during high school which leaves them scars and later on affect the person they become.

More than being hilarious, the story of Best Friends Forever is familiar so it was something that I could really relate to. In one way or another, everybody was bullied in high school. Girls like me know how difficult it is to live in a world where the pretty cheerleaders rule. Every geek in high school once dreamt of ending up with the class’ star player and end up crying because they choose boobs over brain. And of course, everybody has a best friend. A friendship falling apart, based from my experience, is even harder than having some guy break your heart. Nothing beats being reconciled with your best friend.

I never thought that I’d like a book with a story as simple as Best Friends Forever. But I did. I laughed at the two heroines’ misadventures. I felt the pain as their past gets unfolded. It’s as if I was feeling Valerie’s loneliness and her urge to correct her past mistakes. And I wanted to give my hugs to Addie as she fights her insecurities because of being fat all her life. Most of all, the story gave me the affirmation that true love comes when you least expect it.

If you read this book and not look at friendship in a different level, then you don’t deserve to have a friend.

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