Restaurant Review: Noodle King Pares Mami House

My two maids of honor Erlie and Aubrey, along with Aubrey’s friend A.M. accompanied us in going to Dangwa in search for a florist. After all the horror and blunders, we left the place empty-handed. We were about to go home when Aubrey noticed that Boyet was stalling while staring somewhere.

Boyet: Ano uwi na kayo?
Aubrey: Oo punta kaming Angono.
Erlie: Ako uwi na.
Boyet: Ayaw nyo mag merienda?
Aubrey: Wushu! Gusto mo lang pumasok dito e.
Boyet: Hehe!
Aubrey: Ako din e! Tara!

They went inside without even asking the rest of us if we wanted to eat there. Nyaha! It was different from the usual restaurants I’ve been to. For one, they have a mousetrap placed on the left side of the wall. Good news: the mousetrap was empty. Or is it more of a bad news?

Don’t get me wrong. I eat street foods (kwek-kwek in Intramuros is my favorite) and I’ve eaten in a karinderya before. But seeing a mousetrap was far beyond my imagination. Though I must admit that it was also hilarious! :p

We were all served with a small bowl of soup while waiting for our orders. I was still recovering from seeing a mousetrap so I was a little hesitant in trying the soup. But that was the best free soup I’ve ever tasted. Everybody agreed that it was really delicious. I just hope it’s not because of Mickey Mouse. :p

A plate of pancit canton was then served to us a few minutes after. I have always favored pancit canton over pancit bihon. And when my dad cooks it at home, I always request him to leave some sauce because I don’t like eating dry pancit canton. Luckily, Noodle King’s pancit has all the elements I want – salty sauce and perfectly-cooked noodles.

I was expecting Boyet to order pares or mami but he got tokwa’t baboy instead. For those who are not familiar, tokwa’t baboy is fried tofu with pork meat though some use pork skin, snout and ears. It usually comes with vinegar and soy sauce. But Noodle King’s dip has a hint of sweetness.

Minus their bizarre pest control , our impromptu merienda was really enjoyable. It was also affordable because Boyet and I only paid less than PHP100.

1533 Dimasalang Street,
Sta. Cruz, Manila

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