Restaurant Review: Blackbeard’s Seafood Island

We met another supplier last week and went straight to dinner afterwards. I didn’t have a specific restaurant in mind but Boyet was craving for hot soup. We went to the second level of Greenbelt 3 and went up to the third floor until we finally settled to the last restaurant in sight. I am not sure if it has long been there but it was my first time to see it.

Blackbeard’s Seafood Island comes from the Red Crab Group of Restaurants. We scanned the menu board outside and Boyet saw that they are serving papaitan. I was hesitant to go inside since the restaurant was packed. But he convinced me saying that a lot of people flocking the place only shows that they must be serving good food.

They offer local cuisines, mostly Ilocano dishes. I have always wanted to travel up north so eating at Blackbeard’s Seafood Island was probably the next best thing for now.

There was Bagoong Rice in the menu but thought that its saltiness might overpower the rest of the dishes so we settled for the Shrimp Fried Rice instead.

IMG_3268 Shrimp Fried Rice (Small) PHP135

Boyet asked me if I like papaitan. I wasn’t keen at trying it but I knew that he really likes to. I haven’t tried it for ages so I just gave in to his request. Papaitan is a stew with pork innards mixed with bile giving it its bitter taste. Pait is bitter in English. Boyet kept on telling me that I looked like I wasn’t enjoying the papaitan but I really liked it. Now I know why my uric acid is soaring. Nyaha!

IMG_3254 Beef Papaitan PHP245

The papaitan was so sinful so I got their pinakbet to balance the guilt. Large chunks of vegetables were cooked in bagoong. This dish looks so simple but one addition of a key ingredient made it taste extraordinary. I wasn’t sure if it was pork cheeks or skin with layers of fat. Who says that eating vegetables is boring? :p

IMG_3267Pakbet de Vigan PHP165

Blackbeard’s Seafood Island
Level 3 Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati City


  1. You should try their boodle feasts! But just if you're not on a diet haha! Mark and I tried their Dapitan's Pride Boodle, and we loved it! :p

    I usually don't eat papaitan in restaurants because I don't like it's bitter taste, I only eat one that's cooked by my dad, he eliminates the bile whenever he cooks papaitan for us. :p And yup in the pinakbet, I'm sure those were pork cheeks. That's how Ilocano's, like my dad, do it. Authentic vigan pinakbet comes with bagnet (lechon kawali). :D

  2. Duh Kriska! It's no longer papaitan without the bile =))


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