Restaurant Review: Bistro Ravioli

It was once again time for my Annual Physical Examination. I skipped one last year so I made sure to make it this year. I wasn’t allowed to eat fish, read meat, citrus fruits and certain kinds of vegetables for three days. And I had to go on fasting the day before my APE. I was in Healthway Shangri-La before 7 in the morning and finished all the procedures before 10. I was really excited to try out new restaurants but Shangri-La does not open until 11. Strolling inside a dark mall with shops closed and air-conditioner turned off is really creepy so we decided to go to Robinson’s Manila since we were also planning to check out the hotels along Roxas Blvd. for our pre-wedding preparations.

We spotted Bistro Ravioli at the second level which used to be a bakeshop. I’ve been to a lot of restaurants but I have never tried eating ravioli so I was really keen at the idea of trying it that day. Boyet had lunch at Bistro Ravioli before with Joie, Jeff and Aubrey when they went to a bridal fair when I was in the US.

IMG_3227 Pizza Frita with Boursin Cheese or Salsa Dip PHP145

I was really starving so we decided to order some appetizers. I loved their pizza frita. The crust was crispy but the rest was chewy. The flavors (and yes oil) come out each time I chew. It was already good by itself so dipping it in boursin cheese definitely enriched the flavors.

I wanted to have a bowl of hot soup to warm my stomach after the fasting but they don’t serve soups. I settled for a cup of cappuccino instead while Boyet opted for a glass of red tea.

IMG_3229 Cappuccino PHP70

IMG_3231 Red Iced Tea PHP30

Their menu does not provide description of the dishes so we had to rely on the knowledge of their wait staff who was very friendly and attentive to our needs. They serve appetizers, pizza and pasta. But of course, I went there for the ravioli.

IMG_3236 Corned Beef Ravioli PHP190

IMG_3237Italian Sausage Ravioli in Romesco Sauce PHP190

Boyet got their Corned Beef Ravioli while I had their Italian Sausage Ravioli in Romesco Sauce. It was my first time to eat ravioli so I am far from being an expert. But I must say that my first try was really good though I like mine more because of the chili flakes on top. Or is it only because it was my first meal after fasting? :p

Bistro Ravioli
Level 2 Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Manila


  1. I've tried Pizza Hut Bistro's ravioli but didn't really like it. Red Coconut's Beef Ravioli is the best for me so far. :)

  2. I've heard a lot of good things about this restaurant from friends. Have to try this soon!! Your photos made me hungry again. :-(

  3. @Kriska, is it in Boracay?
    @Manila Girl, I thought I was just really hungry. Seriously? Your blog also makes me hungry. The feeling is mutual. Nyaha!

  4. Yup it's in Boracay :)


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