Restaurant Review: Haiku Japanese Restaurant

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. But it is a different case when you’re in Greenbelt.

We were meeting another supplier that night. Boyet and I were not particularly craving for something so we just decided to try out Haiku. The place wasn’t crowded so it was the best choice to have a meeting.

First to arrive on our table was a bowl of hot miso soup. I am not a fan of miso soup but I think Haiku’s is decent enough. I apologize for the poor shots. The person we were meeting arrived while the food was being served. I got conscious. :p

IMG_3307 Miso Soup PHP75

Boyet is not as adventurous as I am when it comes to food. He refused to eat anything raw so we settled for the usual Tonkatsu. I know that Tonkatsu is not a dish with rich flavors but their Tonkatsu was really bland. It may sound like an exaggeration but my taste buds got bored. The sauce on the side did not help at all. It was not something that I would willingly pay for PHP230.

IMG_3319Tonkatsu PHP230

I was more forgiving with the Assorted Seafood. It tastes better but the serving was small for its cost.

IMG_3317Assorted Seafood PHP310

My only consolation with this dinner was the Sake Skin Maki. I am a little biased since I love maki. The fried salmon skin in the middle added crunch and flavor.

IMG_3313Sake Skin Maki PHP140

Although I loved the restaurant’s interior and its serene ambiance, their food is just so-so and a bit pricey too. I just felt that I could have gotten a lot more with what I paid for in other restaurants. Their service wasn’t bad but there were instances when there was no wait staff in sight to attend to our needs.

Haiku Japanese Restaurant
Level 2 Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati City


  1. Japanese cuisine always looks creative and good.

  2. love to have that sake skin make, looks delicious! have a great weekend! :) anyway, hope the meeting goes so well...:)

  3. @Cheerful, yup the meeting went well :)

  4. I'm not into Japanese sushi but i do like Shrimp Tempura. :)

  5. Me too. I favor Chinese over Japanese food. But tempura and maki are my favorite :)

  6. Oh my! that is one heck of a meal though. We rarely get to go to a Japanese Restaurant or Sushi bar though, but I love it! :) Hmmm.. yum! yum! Late FTF visit.

    Adin B


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