Gretchen Pichay will dress me up (no to shirt and jeans for a day)

Being a girl who is only comfortable wearing jeans and shirts, finding the perfect wedding gown was tedious. I probably wore a dress less than ten times in my 27 years of existence so I am not sure if I can nail wearing a wedding gown. Being dumb in fashion, the only designers I know are those who dress up celebrities and it means that I can’t afford them. So the first thing I did was to go to w@w and research. I found out that there are brides who really splurge on their gowns. I know that it is a once in a lifetime event but I don’t want to wear something with a price tag that would probably make my groom leave me. Haha! Some gowns even cost up to a hundred thousand pesos. If I can wear that to sleep or use my dress at work, then I’ll probably consider. So with a budget in my mind, I continued with my search. And I needed to remind myself to stick to my budget. :p

I only have two things in mind for my wedding gown. I want it to be one-shouldered and the skirt to have the “balloon style” (I don’t even know how to call it). I sent inquiries to two designers for quotations of my peg. I was still in the US at that time and the first designer told me that I need to visit their shop before giving me a sketch.

But Gretchen accommodated my request and made not 1 but 6 sketches for me. She just asked me to send her my pictures and I got the sketches in days. She first sent me four sketches. I was supposed to choose Design B but I changed my mind because my office mate Zel chose Gretchen's design for her with the same style of the strap.

JerreltDDesign A

JerreltADesign B

Gretchen then sent me two more sketches. This is the first one with the modified strap. My first reaction was: I don’t think I can handle something with that kind of neckline! Nyaha!

JeADesign C

Gretchen then told me that she liked the other design and I just couldn’t agree more! I actually forgot the peg I gave her after seeing her sketch. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t the gown I visualized myself wearing. But I know that the design she conceptualized is something that will suit my personality.

I am really tempted to upload the sketch of my gown but I really want it to be a surprise. I don’t think Boyet even remembers how it looks like. I only showed it to a few (and privileged) friends. My bridesmaid Joie agreed that it is really awesome. The design is elegant enough for a formal occasion. But I really feel that the personality of a childlike-shirt-jeans-type-of-girl will definitely reflect in that dress.

Meeting Gretchen for the first time was a delight. I remember reading her blog and how she managed to shift from one career to another (I actually envy her hahaha). For someone with such courage to make a decision as bold as that, I know that what she’s doing right now is born out of her passion and dedication. And I know that these reflect in her works.

More than being talented, she is really a nice person. We didn’t have a car the first time we met last October so she asked her helper to get us a cab. While waiting, we talked and she even gave us suggestions on wedding suppliers. She told me to go back on January for the measurement. And I got a word from her a few days ago that my mock dress is now ready for first fitting.

So in less than four months, Gretchen will get to transform a childlike-shirt-jeans-type-of-girl to a sophisticated bride. :)


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