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If looking for a caterer was hard, finding our wedding photographer was even harder. I remember spending hours searching online. Some of my friends tried suggesting but I always end up telling them that I already saw the photographer’s portfolio. If you’ve been or just getting married, you’ll probably understand that a bride needs the “this is it” feeling in deciding who to get.

My search continued while I was in the US. I spent hours at night with just Google as my company. All the links have turned from blue to red (or is it violet?) and that really made me frustrated. Fortunately, Boyet managed to keep his cool even if I kept on turning down his suggestions.

I narrowed my choices to three. Boyet didn’t like one of the choices even if it was the cheapest. That was a first! Haha! I sent an email inquiry to the remaining two. The first replied but we were turned off when she stopped responding to our inquiries. And so we were down to one, THE ONE!

I first heard of him while I was walking along the streets of St. Paul talking to my office mate who is also getting married this year.

Me: May photographer na kayo?
Him: Oo meron na.

Me: Sino?

Him: Baka si Pat Dy.

Me: Wow sosyal! Sige iyo na si Pat Dy! Haha!

Him: Try mo si Ian Santillan.

Me: Sino?

Sorry Ian, but it was the first time I heard of you. Haha. It made me realize that I was using the wrong keywords in Google.

People say that we must invest in our photos. Everything will be gone but the photos will stay to remind us of that special day.

I am no expert in photography but I really want our pictures to look as natural as possible. Too much photoshop is a no-no. But more than the actual “look” of a picture, capturing a spontaneous moment is more important for us. We don’t want our pictures to look staged. Because if that’s the case, I would just bring my tripod and put my DLSR on timer mode and shout “1-2-3 cheese” on our wedding day. That would probably save us a lot of money. I want a photographer with a perfect timing, someone who has an eye for the unspoken emotions of his subjects.

The first thing I did when I got home that night was search for Ian’s works. I was on Skype with Boyet that night and told him to check Ian’s site. We both checked the slide show of photos and there was one picture that caught our attention. It was a photo of a crying woman with a tear falling from her eye. It’s easy for photographers to instruct his subjects to smile at the count of three. But it’s impossible to say “Ok, 1, 2, 3 cry… hold that tear for me!” That photo convinced us that he is really talented. I know you're curious. So go to his site and see for yourself. :)

We met him as soon as I got back from the US. He showed us more of his works and we got more convinced that we made the right choice. He asked our preferences. I told him that more than focusing on the details of the wedding, I want real emotions to be captured. It is a wedding day but I don’t want too much cheesiness showing in our pictures. And yes, wacky shots are very much welcomed! Hihi! :)

He’s such a nice guy, unassuming of the great talent he has. He even helped us find a videographer that would suit our budget. He was our first male supplier so I wasn’t surprised at all that he is Boyet’s favorite. But I think I have a hint why. I’ll just keep it to myself. Hehe! :p

We are just four months away from our wedding day. Our pre-nuptial pictorial is even closer (Oops, I still don’t have a concept in mind). I am so used to being behind the camera as the official photographer on all our out-of-town trips. So I don’t know what will be the outcome if I become one of the subjects. And Boyet only knows one pose! So there, let’s just all wish Ian good luck! Nyaha! :)


  1. sis, pakilala moko kay ian santillan ha, baka sya rin kunin ko photographer sa kasal 5 years from now.. pero pa-book na kaya ako para 2011 rates? hehehe. good luck! sama ako sa prenup, nyaha! :)

  2. excited to see the prenups!!!! post mo agad un raw ha wag edited hehe

  3. pasaway ka talaga sis!!! hahaha! di naman kaya retired na siya by then? :p

    mei, wala pa kong maisip na concept :(

  4. Nice shots! Good choice ka din dito,.together with the caterer :)


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