Celebrating our 6th at Cafe Mary Grace

Our wedding preparations are really keeping us very busy that I didn’t have the time to plan for our 6th anniversary. Boyet then told me two days prior that he has a plan and I just need to go with him. He has one condition though – I should not ask him where we’re going. I was convinced that he’s bringing me to Tagaytay where he proposed but we went to a bus terminal in Monumento where most buses are traveling north. I told him that we are already late if we’re going to the Hot Air Balloon Festival. And then after an hour or so, I noticed a familiar spot. We went out of the bus and traveled a few minutes more via a tricycle. He brought me to a farm in Bulacan where it all started six years ago. With the stress and heartaches of preparing a wedding, he reminded me that things were simpler for us six years ago. He told me that he was afraid to get married and have a family but not until I said yes in that farm on a Saturday night six years ago. :)

We arrived back to Manila just in time for lunch. It was a Saturday before the Valentine’s Day so malls were really crowded. We wanted to just have a simple lunch so I suggested Café Mary Grace. I enjoyed trying it for the first time a year ago so I figured out that it would be even better the second time around. I was still full from my sausage and egg muffin breakfast so I chose to just have salad for lunch. They have a lot to choose from so I asked the waiter their bestseller. He smiled and pointed Grilled Chicken and Oranges with Black Olive Dressing in the menu.

DSC_0006Grilled Chicken and Oranges with Black Olive Dressing PHP229

Being only used to Caesar’s and Thousand Island, the black olives dressing was new to my palate. I was like a lost child staring at the cup of dressing and I even asked Boyet if I should drizzle it in the salad. Nyaha! The oranges added a sweet yet citrus flavor to the fresh lettuce. The feta cheese was also nice surprise. The grilled chicken strips were moist and very tender. It was definitely a guilt-free lunch for me.

Boyet being a lover of cream-based pasta dishes opted to have Mary Grace Mushroom Cream. The linguini noodles cooked al dente were tossed in cream and flavorful mushrooms. There was a distinct taste which we both could not figure out until we checked the menu for the second time. It was probably from the truffles. :)

DSC_0007Mary Grace Mushroom Cream PHP262

During our first visit, we failed to try the thing which made Café Mary Grace famous – their desserts and pastries. I’ve been hearing people rave about their ensaymada so I convinced Boyet to try it. The price for the regular and toasted was just the same so we tried the toasted ensaymada. The crusty top was probably from the mixture of sugar, butter and cheese. The moist and soft bread definitely complemented the top’s texture. I was really tempted to get another piece but it would defeat my purpose of having salad for lunch. You got to try it!

DSC_0016Toasted Ensaymada PHP73

Cafe Mary Grace
Level 2 Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Manila


  1. Happy 6th Anniversary! The salad look very crispy!!!

  2. everything looks delicious...parang i saw that cafe mary grace sa serendra, naririnig ko nga its delicious! btw, happy 6th anniversary and what a surprise you got there! sweet. have a great week! :)


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