Restaurant Review: CBD (Cheesesteaks, Burgers & Drinks)

Talking to my office mates who were with me in my US assignment always ends up with reminiscing the things we miss. One time, we started talking about burgers. After that conversation, I realized how much I miss Matt's Bar, SmashBurger and Dave’s Downtown. It was perfect timing though since Boyet and I were planning to have our post-Valentine-cum-anniversary date. Since it was going to be my treat, I took the liberty to choose CBD at the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

The first thing I noticed next to the bright and spacious interior is the use of green things from the CBD sign up to the plates and couches.

Boyet isn’t fond of burgers so he settled for a rice meal instead. Thinly-sliced flavorful beef brisket arrived on our table. The appearance of this dish wasn’t appealing to my eyes but I was surprised when I tasted it. The smoky flavor of the beef and the tasty sauce were not hard to notice.

DSC_0034 Hickory Smoked Beef Brisket PHP170

The CBD Buffalo Chicken Strips in the menu instantly caught my eyes. I know that Boyet’s tongue has very low tolerance with spicy foods but he still agreed to try it. This thing is definitely not for the faint-hearted. The chicken strips are spicy to the nth level. Boyet gave up after the first strip. The dip may have concealed the chicken strips’ spiciness but it might not be a great help for those with sensitive palates. But it was a divine experience for my taste buds. :)

DSC_0039 CBD Buffalo Chicken Strips (6 pcs) PHP185

And of course, I didn’t come to CBD for nothing. I would have wanted to try their Jalapeno burger but it would be an overkill if paired with the chicken strips. So I just settled with the tamer cheeseburger which was served with crunchy potato strings on the side. My first bite was heavenly. The melted cheese was oozing and juices from the burger patty kept on flowing as I squeeze and bite the burger. It was a delightful way to satisfy my burger craving.

DSC_0024CBD Cheeseburger PHP155

My brother told me that he liked CBD’s burger but his vote goes to that of Army Navy. I have yet to try it. :)

CBD (Cheesesteaks, Burgers & Drinks)
Ayala Triangle Gardens,
Ayala Ave., Makati

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  1. Oh my goodness, just one look at those chicken strips and my tongue's already burning! I'm much like Boyet, I don't have much tolerance for very hot food. The BF always teases me about it, haha.


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