Inxites (The Long and Winding Road of Finding a Videographer)

We decided not to avail of photo and video packages because it’s either we end up liking the photos but not the videos and vice versa. Since we already booked Ian Santillan to be our wedding photographer, our next task was to look for a videographer. He recommended Inxites last year but we were still having second thoughts if we could handle the additional cost. Working on a VERY tight budget (kuripot much), we were already willing to give up having a video coverage for our wedding. I'd gladly do that rather than follow my mom's suggestion of getting the videographer who covered my 18th birthday! :p

But God is so good for letting us see that there are alternatives. Preparing a wedding is truly God’s way to train a couple on weighing things and coming up with sensible decisions. Instead of availing the package with the copy of the edited video, we agreed that the raw footages will be enough. So our copy will probably include all the crying and sneezing nyaha! And to balance things out, we got the package with the SDE (same day edit) AVP so our visitors can watch the wedding highlights.

We contacted Inxites again earlier this year and we were hoping that they’d still be available on our wedding day. To our surprise, they said yes and the package we were eyeing suits our budget. :)

I was having a terrible headache the night that Boyet and I were supposed to meet John. He discussed the contract and let us watch some of his other works. I was surprised that he was also feeling under the weather because he was still cheerful and his stories were endless. He even told me that it’s his first time to work with a blogger bride (Ooops! He read my blog!) From the looks of it, he can even pass for an emcee. Hehe! Super daldal! :) He said that aside from covering a wedding, he makes sure that the couple is at ease because the stress will definitely show on the screen. He also said that he even talks to the visitors so as to lighten the mood. :)

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After meeting John, I heard Boyet’s sigh of relief as our months of searching for a videographer finally came to an end. :) And yeah, getting Inxites saved our pockets :p

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