My Grownup Birthday Wishlist

Mama: Anak, anong gusto mong regalo sa birthday mo?
Me: Hmmm, CAMERA!
Mama: Asus, KAMA lang pala e. Sige anong klaseng kama?

It was the first time in years that my mother asked what I wanted for my birthday. I don’t really remember her giving me what I wanted. I asked for a Barbie doll on my 7th birthday, she gave one to me when I was already 12 - I was one year away from being a teenager. And she wouldn’t even allow me to take it out of the box. I once asked for roller blades, she gave me a study table. I wanted to take taekwondo classes, she enrolled me in swimming. I didn’t really take these things against her. We’re not rich so I know why my Barbie doll was delayed. And I know that my mom has always given me the things I need instead of the things I want. But getting that question a week before my birthday gave me a spark of hope that maybe she’ll give me what I want. But old age is probably on its work so she misheard CAMERA with KAMA (bed).

But then again, I asked myself. Are my standards for happiness getting higher as I get older? I don’t think so. I think I already reached the point in my life that I ceased to yearn for material things that I don’t really need. The camera I asked my mom was only a joke, though it would really be nice if she gave in. Haha!

I had 26 wishes last year. Most of which came true, some are still in the process of coming true. So when I turned 27 last Wednesday, I didn’t think of coming up with 27 wishes. Instead, I decided to have my grown-up birthday wishlist.

Last year, I almost thought of giving up. My close friends know what I am talking about. I gave up plainly because I was tired. But I was lucky enough to have close friends and mentors who helped get through that confusing stage. I was also so blessed because that phase made me closer to God as I sought for His grace and guidance. So I wish that God will give me more strength and bless me with people who will help me see clearly when my reasoning is all clouded. I now realize that if I gave up then, I would have not seen the beauty of the other side of the world. And I would have not made new friendships that I now treasure.

I have always been a good student. I don’t have a lot of friends but I know that my friends know that I am willing to move bodies with them if needed (not that I have murderer friends). I am confident to say that I have made my parents proud of what I have become. So now, I wish to be a good wife and in God’s will and perfect time, a good mother.

I wish that Philippines will be a better place to live in. My three-month stay in the US made me see how we are far behind from them. I wish that Filipinos need not to work abroad to give their families better lives. I want every Filipino to have a choice, an opportunity. I dream for the time that scavengers rummage on garbage because it’s their choice and not because they don’t have any other means to get a living. I wish that every child will get the gift of education. I wish that our health care and justice systems will stop favoring only those who are wealthy and powerful. I am not sure if I’ll still be alive to witness these things. But I am still hoping.

A day before my birthday, 5 people were killed in a bus blast. Most of them are young breadwinners. An office mate told me that he hopes that those who passed away already know Jesus. I agree. But I also wish that the families they left behind will hang on to Jesus. And I wish that the perpetrators will get to know Him SOON.

As I pray for my family’s good health, I also pray the same for Lysander. He has already undergone surgery. But his family still needs our help. Please go this site for more details. :)

I know I said that I’ve already ceased wishing for material things. But a new camera is still welcomed. And yes, we probably need a new bed! =))


  1. I really admire your big heart! :D I'm sure all your wishes will come true because you really are a beautiful person inside and out. :) Belated happy birthday Je! *hugs*


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