Restaurant Review: Burgoo

We’re like fishes out of water every time we need to go to SM Mall of Asia. It may be the largest mall but we’re not comfortable going there. It’s quite far from where I live and add the fact that Boyet and I have both bad sense of direction. But we were left with no other choice because we wanted to go to a bridal fair in SMX. Since we were already there, we took the chance to have lunch at a restaurant that we haven't tried before. I wanted to try a new restaurant but I was also not in the mood to walk. So we ended up eating at the first “new” place that I saw. I first heard (or read) of Burgoo from Kriska.

We were greeted and escorted by a very pretty waitress. There was actually a party being held on the other side of the restaurant. Boyet teased the waitress if we could just get some food from the buffet table and just join the party. Apparently, Boyet really knows the host of the party and even saw some of his former officemates. Nyaha!

Homey, classy and hip are the three words to describe Burgoo’s interior. The waitress wrote her name on the white paper covering our table which made me think that their service is personalized since one waiting staff will be assigned per table.

Boyet got their Grilled Chicken – grilled chicken fillets topped with mushroom gravy. He got mashed potato to go with the chicken. The potato wasn’t completely mashed leaving some large chunks which remind me of "the bomb" from Tender Bob's. Their texture might be quite the same but the taste isn’t. It was good but "the bomb" was better. The grilled chicken was good enough although it was pretty obvious that Boyet liked the food on my plate more.

IMG_3208Chicken Steak (Regular) PHP325

I chose Grilled Pork Chops because of the star drawn beside it on the menu and the text which says “It’s the Best”. I chose coleslaw as side dish which I didn’t like after my first bite because it was a bit watery. Both the grilled chicken and pork chops were served with yellow rice (rice pilaf according to Kriska). Its vibrant color conditioned by mind that it’s going to be flavorful. Sadly, my taste buds didn’t agree.

IMG_3212Grilled Pork Chops (Regular) PHP325

It was good though that the pork chops compensated my disappointment over the rice. Juice and oil of course kept on oozing as I slice the meat. The meat was tender and tasty despite its thick cut. It was also grilled to perfection so my mind was at ease that I am not putting myself at risk of cancer. Hehe! :)

Level 2 Southwing
SM Mall Of Asia , Pasay City


  1. I have to agree about the food not really living up to expectations. The BF and I didn't enjoy our meal here very much. Even the platter of fries we ordered was sub-standard. Good thing they had the large paper and crayons to amuse ourselves with - enough na yun samin. Babaw! Hahaha. :-)

  2. Yeah, not really worth it for the price. I remember the crayons haha! :)

  3. Mark and I love their their Spinach Grilled Salmon and Raspberry Cheesecake. I'm sure you'll love them too! :) Still haven't tried their steaks though. :p

  4. Mark and I loved their Spinach Grilled Salmon and Raspberry Cheesecake. :D Still haven't tried their steak meals though :p


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