Lipa Grill Saved the Day

After checking out in our rooms, all of us stayed at Acuatico’s floating bar and watched the Pacquiao-Margarito fight. Watching the fight for free is probably the only consolation we got after a not-so-good stay at the resort. We all agreed that it wasn’t a good idea to spend another peso in Acuatico so we rushed after watching the fight. Jeff has a list of restaurants that he researched but we only found one. Unfortunately, it’s closed on Sunday afternoons. We were decided to just eat at the nearest gas station until we saw Lipa Grill. We went inside the restaurant without any hesitation.

There were huts at the other end of the restaurant but I am not sure if it’s still part of Lipa Grill. Lipa Grill’s interior is very simple and somehow similar to the ambiance of a local cafeteria. Some customers and the restaurant’s staff were all busy watching the delayed telecast of Pacman’s fight but a waiter promptly approached us to get our orders as soon as we were seated.

DSC_1115Plain Rice PHP18

Boyet was craving for bulalo so his eyes gleamed with delight when he saw one on the menu. The soup isn’t oily and has a hint of sourness probably from calamansi. The meat is also tender but my favorite is the litid (ligament).

DSC_1113Bulalo PHP340

Erlie and Aubrey requested camaron rebosado. The breading wasn’t so thick so I was getting enough shrimp at every bite.

DSC_1120 Camaron Rebosado PHP175 (Solo) / PHP275 (Large)

Jeff’s choice was the kilawing tanigue. I don’t know where his fascination with kilawin started but he kept on talking about it and even tried to cook one. For those who are not familiar, kinilaw is a way of serving fish, shrimp or meat by just dressing it with vinegar or calamansi. I am not really a fan of kinilaw because I was scared that my stomach couldn’t handle it.

DSC_1118Kilawing Tanigue PHP210

I was glad that I had the guts to try it because it’s so good. I am not sure if everybody else felt the same because the dish was really spicy. Just don’t risk eating this one if you’re on a date because the smell of the red onions is really strong.

Another specialty that Lipa Grill is bragging is their special bibingka. We tried one and decided to bring home some after tasting it. It wasn’t the usual fluffy bibingka because it was bit chewy.


We all agreed that the food from this humble restaurant is way better and more affordable than those served in Acuatico. :p

Lipa Grill
Antipolo del Norte, Lipa City


  1. yeah we love the bulalo in Lipa Grill too!!! :D it was a former officemate who introduced me there during one of our trips. the bibingka looks yummy, sayang wasnt able to try that.

  2. You should also try their kilawin :)


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