Deciding the WHEN and WHERE

The Date

He initially wanted to have a December 2010 wedding. But due to financial constraints, that plan was impossible. The next best thing is to have it on February 12, 2011. That date is so special because we’ll be celebrating our 6th anniversary as a couple. But my onshore assignment came and we were both hesitant that we might not have enough time to prepare for a wedding. And the church we want was already fully-booked.

Somebody suggested that we go to a Feng Shui expert if we still don’t have a wedding date in mind.

Me: Pa Feng Shui daw tayo? Haha!
Boyet: Wag na, sa’yo pa lang swerte na ko e.
Me: Watevs!

The quest continued. February 12, 2012 is too far. I might go berserk if we wait that long so we looked for the nearest 12th day of the month that falls on a weekend. Yeah, we wanted our wedding date to fall on the 12th so we can still celebrate our monthsary (very highschool). March 12 is also a weekend but still too soon. Next was June 12. It was perfect since it also happens to be my parents’ wedding anniversary.

“Sigurado ba kayo?” That was my mom’s first reaction when I told her that we’re getting married on June 12. I laughed because I knew what she meant. Boyet told her that we wanted to have the same wedding anniversary so we can save on future celebrations. Haha! But deep inside I wanted to get married the same day my parents did to remind me that marriage takes a lot of commitment, patience and faith in God for it to work. I am not saying that my parents have a perfect marriage for I have been a witness that it isn’t. I just want their marriage to be a living reminder that we can surpass what they have already achieved as a couple. I want to be reminded that they have two responsible (though I am the more responsible one :p) but not perfect kids as product of their union. It will serve as a challenge for us to do better than they did in bringing up a family.

The Church

San Agustin Church is just walking distance from PLM where Boyet and I met. I remember going to this church once in a while with my college friends Erlie and Aubrey. I remember praying here begging God to let me finish Computer Engineering without getting any failing grades. I remember going to this church asking for strength when I was at my lowest. I went to this church asking God why someone like me with so much love to give still end up being hurt and broken. And yes I went back to this church to let God know that I already found out the answer to that question. :)

Getting married in San Agustin Church was non-negotiable. I know that it does not matter where we get married but the place is simply very special for us because it served as our refuge during those days when we still didn’t have the courage to admit our budding relationship.

Booking San Agustin is very hard (and quite expensive too) so I was so surprised when we went there last July to find out that there were only two available slots in the afternoon. I also checked the church just to make sure that it’s really THE ONE for us. I almost cried upon seeing the church. I think I scared the manongs who were cleaning the carpet at that time. Hehe! I didn’t cry because it is going to be a long walk for me (but now I am already thinking how I can walk that far with high-heeled shoes). I cried because San Agustin Church witnessed how we fought for our relationship in the beginning. And that we will be making the same promise we made to each other six years ago.

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The Venue

We really wanted to hold the reception in Intramuros for less travel time from the church to the venue. I’ve heard positive reviews for La Castellana but it is way beyond our budget. But we still went to check out why it’s getting all the raves. I was immediately mesmerized by the white palace-like interior. They also have a separate small room on the second floor which can be utilized for the bride’s preparations. But I was not persuaded by its beauty that costs PHP70,000! It’s not even air-conditioned. They also charge if your caterer does not have their accreditation.

We also checked all the venues under the Intramuros Administration. I remember seeing weddings from the windows of our classrooms in PLM and I started dreaming of having a garden wedding. But since Philippine weather is unpredictable and June is already a rainy month, we don’t want to risk all our guests getting soaked during our wedding. We also checked some of their casas. I jested that one smells like World War II while the other smells like Jurassic Park (read: amoy luma). And all of them charge for corkage fees. Anything with additional charges gets eliminated right away. Nyaha!

I was already getting frustrated because I wanted to book a venue before I leave for my US assignment. We even considered The Loft in Rockwell but it would definitely be a hassle for our guests to travel from Manila to Makati. My mom told us that we can just get a simple venue and she insists that a good setup will make a plain venue look elegant.

We then checked venues along Roxas Boulevard, the most famous of which is Palacio de Maynila. Their AE is really nice but PHP90,000 is a lot of money. My friend Cric suggested we check Ramon Magsaysay Center. My first reaction was, “I am looking for a venue for a wedding reception, not graduation.” So I closed my eyes and imagined how I wanted the place to look like. I also remembered what my mom said, “Nasa gayak lang yan.” The place is very bare which can actually work on our advantage because we can put whatever we like for decorations. The fountain outside is also a nice addition. And the most important of all, it is the cheapest among all the venues we checked out. Nyaha!

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  1. hi Je!

    Congrats on your engagement. I agree with your mom, Ramon Magsaysay Center can be beautiful once decorated. The administration staff will tell you that it can fit 150 people, but it will be very tight and you have to put the buffet table outside.

    Good luck on your preps, the wedding and the marriage.

    Blessed be.

  2. Good luck in the preparations! It's fun yet tiring. But for me the partnership will be stronger, like doing a project together. :-) Congrats in advance!

  3. Thanks Azza! Yeah, RMC is quite small. The buffet table and probably the photo booth will be placed outside.

    Thanks ceemee. :)

  4. Hi,

    it was a pure accident today that i found your blog...i saw that you are getting married this june 12 at san agustin church...what a pure coincidence because i am too!!! i am on the 5pm slot...congrats to us!!!

    Michelle Cabuyaon

  5. Best wishes Michelle. I'll try to say Hi to you on June 12. :)


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