Choosing Passion Cooks (with stories of my hyperactive mom)

After booking the church, my next task was to look for our caterer. Being a food enthusiast (and a trying hard food blogger), I can fairly say that I have high standards when it comes to food. So choosing a caterer wasn’t an easy task. I simply want one thing: to find a caterer who cooks better than my mom. My philosophy has always been, “Why pay for mediocre food when my mom can give me better for free?” It applies in eating out and just the same in finding for a caterer for the most important day of my life.

I did a lot of extensive research, jumping from one forum to another to read online reviews especially from other brides. I told myself that I can get married in maong pants just as long as I get the best caterer. I know that our wedding day is our day. But it is our responsibility to make our guests feel special for they will spend time to be a part of our special day.

I narrowed down the list to 3 caterers. I sent an inquiry to Bizu even if I know that their rate is beyond our budget. They didn’t reply when I asked for food tasting.

My mind was already set that we’ll be getting Hizon’s for they have managed to make a name in the wedding industry. And their packages are really tempting. I went to a food tasting the day before my flight to the US. They told us that they’ll be upgrading this and that and we’ll get this and that if we book on the spot. But the most important thing for me is the food. Boyet liked it. I didn’t. He wanted to book right away so we can avail of the discounts and freebies. I resisted. He gave in because he has long admitted that I am always right when it comes to food. :p

I discovered the third caterer by chance. I was trying to convince myself that I can make our venue stand out with proper setup. I was browsing some wedding pictures when I chanced upon Passion Cooks. Their venue styling is breathtaking! The same day I found them online, Cric also suggested Passion Cooks because she was eyeing them to cater for her son’s first birthday. I immediately sent an inquiry asking for a food tasting before I leave. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it in such short notice. But Maja made one small gesture that made me reconsider. She dropped by our office to give me some goodies. She was really apologetic for not being able to accommodate my request.

So why did we decide to choose Passion Cooks over Hizon’s?

1. I went home five hours after meeting Maja but I still favored the cold chicken and ham crepe she gave me over the dishes served in Hizon’s food tasting. So I figured that PC’s food probably tastes better in a formal food tasting and in our wedding day itself.

2. Pleasing my mom who happens to be a good cook and a certified pintasera is a big deal for us. She was shocked when she found out that we were not getting Hizon’s. So to prove my point, I asked her to come to another food tasting with Hizon’s and one with Passion Cooks. Both happened while I was out of the country. Mom said that Hizon’s food is okay but most were really bland. After meeting Maja, she couldn’t stop talking about her and their food. She has nothing but high praises for Passion Cooks.

3. Maja has never treated my wedding as a business deal. When she came to see me before I left for the US, she told me that she’ll be blocking off June 12 until I come back. She never rushed us in paying the reservation fee. I was offering to pay the down payment but she said that we can do it when we have already finalized our menu.

4. Maja is VERY patient. I am not sure how many bridezillas she has worked with before but I am pretty sure that it takes a lot of patience and tolerance in dealing with an OC bride like me. And not to mention my hyperactive mom who even after all my efforts in telling her to behave during the food tasting still can’t do so. My mom asks too many questions like: May thyme to no? Anong parte ng baboy to? Anong klaseng cheese to? Haha! That's my mom!

5. They hold one event per day. When I text/email Maja and it takes her some time to reply, I know that she is attending an event. It only shows that they are hands on and they pay close attention to every detail of their events. So I am confident that come my wedding day, all their time and attention will just be ours.

6. Aside from good food, their venue styling is magnificent! I am very confident that they can transform Ramon Magsaysay Center from a graduation to a wedding venue. :p

7. I see TO GOD BE THE GLORY in their menu and website. Maja never fails to put GOD BLESS in her emails and even text messages. For some people, it may not have a bearing. But it means a lot to me. :)

8. My mom tries to replicate some of their dishes which makes me confirm that yes, Maja's mom is a better cook than my mom. :p

You may not see them in bridal fairs. They may not be as popular as the other caterers. Most of my other suppliers haven’t heard of Maja and Passion Cooks. When friends ask who our caterer is, none of them knows who they are. Maja told me that they don’t advertise because they will be forced to increase their prices if they do so. So they get more clients by referrals and recommendations from happy customers.

They stand by their name. Some chefs cook as dictated by technique. Passion Cooks do it with passion. It reflects not only with their food but also with how they treat their clients. :)

I am really striving to deviate from the usual weddings. And I am confident that Passion Cooks will be making our wedding day beautiful and memorable.

To our guests, prepare yourselves for a superb gastronomic adventure.

To Maja and Passion Cooks, the pressure is on you. Hehehe! :)

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