Ayala Triangle Gardens Take 3: Pho 24

Weekends are precious for soon-to-be-married couples. Our usual weekend dates have been replaced with running errands, meeting suppliers and ironing out every detail for our wedding. We desperately try to still spend some time away from all the stress of wedding preparations. We both want to spend some quiet time together just like what we used to do so we went out on a Friday night a couple of weeks ago. Project Kanin Club still failed (for the third time) because we were on their waiting list (again). We already tried Chef Laudico’s BFAST and Omakase so the choice that night was Pho 24.

The restaurant’s interior looks so posh which gave us the impression that their food is pricey. So I was surprised that it wasn't.

It was just a week before my “measurement day” so I didn’t break on my tea habit. Boyet agreed when I asked if he wanted to try the Vietnamese Tea. The distinct aroma of the tea was refreshing despite its bitter aftertaste.

IMG_3190 Vietnamese Tea PHP60

Six pieces of deep fried spring rolls were served along with the Vietnamese Tea. I love all kinds of spring roll so I still enjoyed this one even if it was a bit oily. My trick was to dip it in vinegar to wash away the excess oil. Hehe!

IMG_3191 Deep Fried Spring Rolls PHP118

Both of us were not in the mood for noodle soups so we settled for their rice meals. Unfortunately, the choices were limited.

Boyet had roasted chicken, the usual with crispy skin and moist meat. Although I must admit that there is something unique with how it taste. We liked it so we didn’t bother to pinpoint what it was.

IMG_3202Roasted Chicken PHP168

Boyet was choosing between the roasted chicken and pork chop so I chose the second. The cut was a bit thick so I was surprised that it was still tender. I was trying hard not to eat the pork fat but it was really irresistible. The flavors were somewhat similar to those of tocino and tapa. I wasn’t planning on eating pork but it turned out to be a good decision. :)

IMG_3199 Vietnamese Pork Chop PHP168

Pho 24
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Ave., Makati

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  1. Wow! It's already your 3rd time and I still haven't even seen the new Ayala Triangle Gardens haha.. I miss being in Makati. I wish I could be back there soon! :p


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