Walmart, Rainbow and Mall of America

I already blogged about my last day but I forgot to write about my favorite hangout places in Minnesota.

We only had cars on weekends so we needed to hold off our grocery shopping until then. We usually go either to Walmart or Rainbow which are both a few-minute drive away from our hotel.

I usually buy most of my groceries at Walmart. We are always greeted with a smile by an old lady, the same person who bids us goodbye. We were also fortunate to meet a few Filipino sales assistants working in Walmart.

I am really amazed at how strong the consumer rights are in Minnesota. Here in the Philippines, we can only return defective items within a week and you literally have to go through a lot of troubles before you can do so. I tried returning a powder brush in a supermarket and I had to fall in line for almost an hour. I even got side comments from the saleslady telling me that there is nothing wrong with the brush. I told her that the strands keep on falling so I need to remove them from my face each time I put my blush on. She turned her back and gave me a sullen glance before handing me the replacement. In Minnesota, you may return items within a month (some until 90 days) with no questions asked. I had to return a luggage and the customer service assistant gladly gave back my money. And yes, no sullen glances from her.

On the other hand, I go to Rainbow to get water refills and meat supplies. I personally enjoyed shopping at Rainbow because I get to checkout and pay my groceries by myself. You just need to swipe the items and insert payment on the machine. Awesome! Nyaha! :)

Other than the supermarket, our next best hangout place is the nearest (and probably the only one I know) mall in Eagan. We first went to Mall of America on a Sunday night to check something out at Best Buy. We were all perplexed when we saw that most of the shops are already closed by 7 pm. It turns out that the mall closes earlier on Sundays. So to make the most out of our first visit in Mall of America, I took pictures. Weeehh! :)

One of the mall’s attraction is the Nickelodeon Universe, a theme park for kids at the center of the mall.

DSC_0557Oh yeah! I met Spongebob!

DSC_0560Red: Uy si Dora, ang batang lakwatsera!

Being at Mall of America somehow relieved my homesickness since going to the malls have been my family’s bonding activity for a long time. Aside from shopping, there are also a lot of restaurants and other attractions that the mall offers.

I was able to watch The Expendables and Despicable Me at MoA. The theaters only have one guard who collects the tickets. Upon entrance, you have to go the room where the movie of your choice is being shown. So everything is just ruled by honesty policy. :)

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