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I am not sure if this will turn out to be a decent food entry because I have no idea what I ate that night. I decided to meet two of my high school friends for dinner because we haven’t seen each other for quite sometime. I was also tasked by our friend Hervi who now resides in the US to give something to the two girls.

We all agreed to meet one Friday night at Greenbelt. And Fred suggested we have our dinner at Café Breton. I have been intending to try out Café Breton at Robinson’s Place but failed to so I didn’t reject her idea. We were initially supposed to meet at 6 pm which was then moved an hour later. Since I am working in Ayala, it only takes me 10-15 minutes to walk to Greenbelt. But Fred insisted to pick me up at our office. It was already past 7 when Fred told me that she’d be at our office 15 minutes later. I begged off thinking that Nico might wait long since she’s already in Buendia. While walking, I knew that both of them would be late because I sighted the terrible traffic.

I arrived at Greenbelt and both of them were still where they were the last time I talked to them. I strolled at the mall for a bit and even had the chance to buy a new camera bag just to kill the time. I then met Nico after more than an hour. Fred arrived a few minutes later.

It was almost 9 pm and the place was really crowded. We literally had to shout just so we could hear each other. But the noise did not hinder us from catching up and talking non-stop. Both of them are nurses and taking up post-graduate studies. I actually felt a little envy because taking up a master’s degree was part of my plan when I graduated college. They also told me that they were expecting me to be with them in the medical field because I excelled in Science in high school. I suddenly realized that I might be in the wrong place. Nyaha! :p

Anyway, I was munching this while we were talking about my upcoming wedding, their love lives and old stories from high school. Nico and I got almost the same dish but hers had salmon while mine had chicken. She just complained that it was salty while I thought that mine was quite bland.

Fred, being a frequent customer of Café Breton took charge in choosing our desserts. Whatever dissatisfaction I had with my dinner suddenly disappeared when I tasted the crepes. :)

We had to cut short our mini reunion because it was already getting late. I forgot to take note of the food and prices. The batteries of my cameras kept on dying so I didn’t get good shots of the food. Fortunately, we were able to take some pictures before my camera finally lost its life. Hehe!

IMG_3030Nico, Me and Fred

IMG_3031with Fred

Café Breton
Level 1 Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati

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  1. hi nico! hi fred! :) nakakamiss ang HS :( and namiss ko din ang cafe breton!


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