Restaurant Review: Bigby’s Café and Restaurant

My very reliable maid of honor came with us to a bridal fair even after her 12-hour work shift. There were only a few exhibitors who participated so it just took us a few minutes to scout the place. After doing so, our search for a restaurant began.

I don’t usually go to Megamall so I am not really familiar with the place. We went straight to The Atrium and looked for a restaurant that we haven’t tried before. It wasn’t our first choice but I have to admit that it was a good one. We were escorted inside Bigby’s Café and Restaurant by a nice lady. The cheerful music really complemented the energy of the staff members who were singing and dancing while attending to the customers.

I had the impression that the restaurant is travel-inspired because of the interior and the staff’s uniforms. There was also a large framed glass hanging by the wall which contains a number of key chains from all over the world. I want that for my key chain collection!

Boyet and I decided to treat Erlie for lunch as our way of saying thank you to her. Even if she didn’t have much to say in making choices, her mere presence made everything easier for me. Paging my other not-so-reliable maid of honor! :p

The restaurant allotted almost a whole page in the menu for the beverages making it really hard for me to choose. Erlie wanted strawberry lemonade so I chose to have the same.

IMG_3042 Strawberry Lemonade PHP89

If you have been constantly following this blog, then you must have known by now that Boyet loves soups. He got the soup of the day which happened to be corn chowder. The soup has just the right amount of creaminess and the crunchy crouton toppings added texture to it. I actually misheard it for clam chowder so I was whining why I didn’t taste any clams. Hihi! :)

IMG_3043 Corn Chowder PHP50

My carnivore fiancé (hmm this is the first time I’m using this) got some pork chops. The waiter mistakenly served him with cranberry sauce but he graciously apologized and replaced it with gravy sauce when we called his attention. It was really funny because he kept on singing while he was bringing back the gravy.

The chops were really tender and perfectly marinated. I am not really a fan of pork chops because the meat tends to become chewy if not sliced and cooked properly. So two thumbs up to Bigby’s!

IMG_3052 Grilled Rodeo Chops PHP275

Erlie tried their Grilled Chicken Carbonara. Other restaurants serve me with dry carbonara which is a big waste of my money. I was surprised when I saw Erlie’s plate with the fettuccine pasta topped with bacon bits and big chunks of chicken breast swimming in a creamy white sauce. I really thought that their carbonara would be overpowering but I was surprised it wasn’t. I tried it a few times and I enjoyed the burst of flavors in my palate.

IMG_3054Grilled Chicken Carbonara PHP195

But my choice definitely beat theirs. My salad was a showstopper!

IMG_3048 Mandarin Haystack Salad PHP185

I wanted to have something light that’s why I settled to simply have salad for lunch. But I was astounded when a tower was served to me. Greens, tomatoes, oranges, boiled eggs and grilled chicken breast were tossed with their special sesame dressing. All of these were hidden under a stack of crispy noodles and shoestring potatoes. And who said that salads are boring? I can actually munch this while watching my favorite soap opera without knowing that it's healthy. It’s definitely the most innovative way of serving salad.

Bigby’s Café and Restaurant means good food, big servings and nice customer service. I have actually mistaken it for an international restaurant chain. I just visited their website and found out that the place is wholly Filipino-owned. Yeba! ^_^

Bigby’s Café and Restaurant
Level 3 The Atrium
SM Megamall

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  1. We've tried their branch in MOA. Hmm, we weren't too impressed with the ribs. But pwede na rin, and we liked the interiors. :-)


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