Last Day in Minnesota

My three-month US assignment finally came to an end last October 15. My last day in Minnesota fell on a Thursday which is usually a market day for us. We usually buy our fruits and vegetables either in the Eagan farm market on Wednesday or the downtown market on Thursday. So the perfect way to spend my last lunch break in Minnesota was to roam around downtown one last time.

DSC_0714Downtown Market

DSC_0710Target! :)

My last 8-hour work was just a breeze because I didn't realize that it was finally time for me to say goodbye to my MSP counterparts.

Since I always sleep on the bus to and from the office, I made sure to stay all awake during my last day. I cherished my last 470 bus ride. It was just unfortunate that I didn’t get to see my favorite bus drivers because they were replaced a few weeks before.

DSC_0741Downtown Bus Station

TRIVIA: Instead of having a kundoktor just like what we have here, we pay our fares using a bus pass which can be purchased in the Metro Transit office. The bus pass gives a “toot toot” sound once it's swiped. The tone gets lower when it is about to expire or run out of credits. Hihi!

DSC_0742Metro Transit

SIDE STORY: There are some people who still cross the street to get to and from the bus station even if there is a pedestrian lane at the corner. Instead of being fined or charged with jaywalking, a traffic aide shouts with all her might when someone crosses the street. She shouts really loud making everybody see who the offender is. It made me think that I’d rather be reprimanded than humiliated that way. It was just my lucky day because I heard her one last time. Nyaha!

DSC_0747Eagan Bus Station

After almost an hour, we reached the Eagan bus station and walked to our hotel. Excitement filled my nerves as I was about to go home. But I also felt quite sad as it was my last time to walk along the cold streets of Minnesota.

DSC_0753Wells Fargo

DSC_0757Mystery Bike

DSC_0759Extended Stay America - Eagan

I wanted to bring home something that would remind me of my stay in Minnesota so I walked my way to Kohl’s for my last minute shopping. I was having a hard time looking for a Minnesota jacket so I asked for assistance. A lady named Maria accompanied me to look for a jacket when she suddenly asked me what country I am from. I smiled and said “Philippines”. I already had the feeling that she is a Filipino but she had more guts to ask. We talked for a few minutes as she narrates her experiences and even advised me to migrate to Minnesota. I really wish I should have met her earlier.

Aside from the two receptionists in our hotel, I actually met a few Filipinos in Eagan. There are Filipino sales assistants in Walmart and we met a few Filipino shoppers in Rainbow. They were shouting in Tagalog (just like what we also do when shopping), not knowing that somebody else could understand them. :p


It was already getting late so I had to head back home. I already finished packing a few days before but I had to repack with the help of the boys, because I needed to fit everything into my luggage. I came three months earlier with barely a 20-lb luggage so they were teasing me that I bought the whole Minnesota. I actually had to buy a new luggage and had the boys take home some of my things. Whew!

DSC_0769The boys helping me (embarrassing!)

As my way of thanking the gang for being my only family during my three-month stay, I decided to treat them to pizza. :)

My good friend Debbie also dropped by to visit. Our friendship started because we were exchanging notes every Wednesdays when she comes to fix my room. She was really nice to give me some nice gifts including a Christmas d├ęcor which she handed to me on my last day. So I am really glad that she liked the polvoron and ChocNut I gave her a few days before I left. That’s actually nothing compared to her warmth and kindness to us. Before she left, I made sure to ask her how we could keep in touch. That's what Facebook is for! :)

That sums up my very busy last day in Minnesota. It was a blast and a perfect way to end one of my most unforgettable experiences. And the next day, I was in Seattle...


  1. Wow sarap mag reminisce! Oh and who can forget the 470 bus?! Sinasakyan ko yung umaalis ng 8:15 yata yun pag naiwan ako ayun sa Mall of America ang bagsak then tren papunta sa Government Plaza station... Kamiss! :)

  2. Haha hay nako kainis nga kasi tinatamad ako.. tska nakakatuyo ng utak.. buti ka pa consistent! :) Nakakatuwa kaya mag basa ng mga old adventures.. ngayon puro pictures lang meron ako.. sige dahil sinabi mo sana mainspire ako! Miss na din kita! Wala ako makakwentuhan at maka-agreehan sa politika sa Pinas eh! :( Ingat lagi Je!

  3. In fairness Je na inspire ako! Kaso di ko alam kung ilang oras lang to haha tatamarin na naman ako.. pero sige Je! Magandang outlet to! Namimiss ko yung mga masarap na tawanan! Haaay wala pa ako masyado katawanan diba iba pa rin pag Tagalog.. hirap mag joke! Serious tuloy ako :P Kamusta mo ako sa kanila!


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