White Castle

The boys couldn’t stop talking about a certain White Castle. I didn’t pay enough attention thinking that they were talking about a bar. I guess it made me think of that because of our version of White Castle – the one being endorsed by a sexy girl wearing a skimpy outfit while riding a white horse. Nyaha! I later on found out that they were referring to a fast food chain made famous by their unique burgers. If the name rings a bell, it is the same White Castle that Harold and Kumar craved for resulting in their misadventures. :)

We purely relied on our GPS which led us to the nearest White Castle one Friday afternoon after work. I didn’t research about what they offer so everything came to me as a surprise.

It is probably the cheapest burger meal I have ever eaten in the US. I think I only paid USD2.99 (or 3.99) for the three-piece burger which comes with fries and soda. Being the cheapest, it is also the smallest burger I've seen as the bun reminded me of the size of our local pandesal. Its packaging is also out of the ordinary as their burgers are placed in boxes and not the usual which are wrapped in paper or foil.

We chose and shared different kinds of burgers from their menu. I personally liked the Jalapeño cheeseburger because of its slight spiciness. I enjoyed the simplicity of White Castle’s burgers. It wasn't hard and messy to eat as there were no juices flowing through my hands. It only took me 3 or 4 bites to finish a single burger. Their fries are also served hot and crispy which went well with the burgers. Again, it does not come in the usual shape of ordinary fries.

It didn’t take us long to finish our meal given the size of the food. We actually spent more time sharing stories and playing with the boxes. We dared Lloyd to beat the record of an office mate who can stack 10 boxes without breaking any.

DSC_05097 boxes with a few torn on the side - not bad for a first timer! :)


  1. I guess this is where our local burger chain 'Slammer Burgers' got the idea. Their burgers and fries also come in boxes, the buns are also the same, and they also have different kinds of burgers. I've tried it once and I must say I liked it. I wish I could also try the burgers at White Castle! :p

  2. @[cookiespink], yup sarap nga! :)

    @kriska, where's slammer burgers? :)

  3. I've tried it at Trinoma and MOA, so twice pala hindi once haha! :p Wasn't able to take pictures lang kaya wala siya sa blog ko hehe..


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