We grabbed a quick lunch at SmashBurger before our trip to the Apple Orchard. The boys kept on talking about it so I got a bit curious on what sets its burgers apart from the others. We arrived a few minutes before noon so the place was a little quiet. We were greeted by a cheerful server who shot a few jokes on us once in a while. The interior is really simple with the colors red and yellow apparent. Their menu board has the same colors which made me think if red represents tomato and ketchup while yellow for cheese and mustard. :)

Our orders quickly arrived a few minutes after placing them. I forgot to upgrade my burgers with fries. Good thing JV shared some of his to Red and I. Their SmashFries is really unique as the fries are tossed in olive oil with garlic and rosemary. This brought not only distinct flavors but also an aromatic smell. It was definitely more creative than the usual fries with salt and pepper.

DSC_0512SmashFries (USD1.99 purchased with sandwich, USD2.99 standalone)

When my burger was served, I initially thought that the restaurant was called SmashBurger because I need to “smash” the two buns together before I could eat it. I later on found out the reason behind the name because it is written at the back of their paper cups. A 100% Angus beef patty is “smashed” and seared into the grill, put into a bun and then topped with cheese and other toppings of choice.

DSC_0519Twin Cities SmashBurger (USD5.29 1/4 lb, USD5.99 1/3 lb, USD6.99 1/2 lb)

I got the Twin Cities SmashBurger. The melted cheese, grilled onions, tomatoes and lettuce were sandwiched along with the juicy burger patty in a flavorful bun. Eating it was quite messy because the juices kept on flowing through my hands at my every bite. I also kept on licking the melted cheese as it oozes from the bun.

I hope they bring SmashBurger here in the Philippines. I'll be one of the first people to fall in line to grab a juicy burger! :)

1270 Promenade Place
Eagan, MN


  1. wow the burger looks sooooo yummy! now you got me all hungry haha! :p

  2. I actually missed it while I was writing this post :(

  3. have you tried five guys burger? they're good too. hope there's one in your area. smash and five guys are our fav's.

  4. @alf, i'm back to the philippines so i no longer have the chance to try your suggestion :(


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