Back-to-back Buffets: New China Buffet and Cici’s Pizza

Though people tell me that it doesn’t look like I did, I actually gained almost 10 pounds after my three-month US assignment. I cook my food every day except on weekends when we usually go out to try different restaurants. There was one memorable weekend because we tried two restaurants with eat-all-you-can promos for two consecutive days.

We have been eyeing Cici’s Pizza because they offer unlimited pizza, pasta, soup and salad for USD5.99. We went there one Saturday to grab dinner but the line was unbelievable. The store couldn’t even close their door because people were already lining up outside. So we headed to our second choice – New China Buffet.

It wasn’t as crowded as Cici’s Pizza. We paid USD10 to enjoy three buffet tables of Chinese foods and another one for desserts.

I had a bowl of soup, dumplings, noodles and just about everything on the table. I think I used four or five plates. I ended up going home with a headache and a heavy stomach.

We didn’t give up on Cici’s Pizza so we gave it a try the following day. The queue was more bearable so it just took us a couple of minutes to place our orders. I then found out they were having an anniversary treat for customers who could grab anything from the buffet table for USD3.99! That explains the long line. :)

DSC_0626My first plate

I got a bowl of soup, a plate of pasta, garlic bread, 6 slices of pizza and one cinnamon roll. Whew! I liked their different approach on some of their pizzas which set them apart from the classic ones. I personally enjoyed their baked macaroni pizza which is perfect for pizza and pasta lovers while ideal for those with a sweet tooth like me is their apple pie pizza. :)

DSC_0628Definitely not my plate

New China Buffet
3344 Promenade Ave
Eagan, MN

Cici's Pizza Buffet
1292 Town Centre Drive
Eagan, MN

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