Restaurant Review: Mongolian Quick-Stop

People close to me know that I don’t splurge on gadgets, branded clothes and expensive shoes. I only spend on books and out-of-town trips once in a while. But if there’s one thing that I don’t mind spending, it is definitely on food. But our wedding preparations are forcing us to tighten our belts. It was nice though that Mongolian Quick-Stop was in sight when we were looking for a place to have an affordable lunch.

We were in front of the restaurant when an old Chinese guy asked us if we love vegetables. I nodded but Boyet didn’t answer. He was so nice to explain to us their menu and told us that they offer something for vegetable lovers. Apparently, they have an eat-all-you-can option for the health-conscious. Customers have the option to choose any of the vegetables, seafood or meat on the counter and top them on a bowl of rice. But since we were not that hungry and we were working on a budget, we discarded the idea and went for a simple rice bowl.

IMG_2987Szechuan Chicken PHP110

I got their Szechuan Chicken rice bowl. With the sound of Szechuan enters the word spicy on my mind. Being a lover of spicy foods, I enjoyed my simple yet affordable lunch. It has just the right hint of hotness balanced with the sweetness of the sauce, white onions and green bell peppers. Boyet went for their Glazed Beef with Egg. The sweet sauce went very well with the tender beef strips.

IMG_2983Glazed Beef with Egg PHP110

Boyet was craving for tokwa’t baboy so he got their Mixed Tofu with Pork. It was supposed to come as our starter but it came last on our table despite the server’s effort to tell the people from the kitchen to prepare it beforehand. What’s different from their version of the tokwa’t baboy is that they don’t use pork fats. So this indeed is best for the hearty eaters.

IMG_2989Pork Tofu Mixed with Pork PHP45

Were we happy? Of course! We just spent PHP295 for lunch! On our way out, the same guy who greeted us who looks like the owner asked us if we enjoyed our lunch. We both smiled and nodded. He shook our hands and waved goodbye. That only proves that there are still places that offer good and reasonably-priced food served with great customer service.

Mongolian Quick-Stop
Level 3 Robinson's Place Manila


  1. It's one of our favorites! :) We usually order the Mongolian Bowl, and would fill our bowls with all the ingredients minus the rice (and minus all the spicy ingredients for me) haha! :p Awww..I miss eating with Mark at Mongolian Quick Stop! *sigh*

  2. Haha! I've been passing by MQS but I didn't really pay attention :p

  3. If Mark's not on a diet and we're both in tipid mode, this is where we usually pig out haha! :p


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