Dave’s Downtown

Lloyd being the only one among us who have already been in Minnesota, knows almost every corner of downtown Minneapolis. And that includes the best places to eat. He promised to take us to Mykenna’s as he claims that they serve good sandwiches and the best onion rings. Being curious with Lloyd’s claims, I searched it online and found out that Mykenna’s is now called Dave’s Downtown.

A few days before I left Minnesota, we decided to grab lunch at Dave’s Downtown. They have a wide array of burgers and sandwiches to choose from. We arrived just in time for lunch so the place was really busy with the crowd piling up. I could hear people laughing, friendly shouts from the crew and the sizzles from the kitchen.

Customers place their orders and the cheerful servers cook them on the spot. Their kitchen is behind a very tall counter. It was too tall (at least for me) that I had to stand on my toes for the server to see me. I tried not to at first but he might end up taking orders from a talking forehead so I had to make an effort. I saw him giggling and I could see from my back that Lloyd was also laughing so I had no other choice but to laugh with them. :)

DSC_0639Cajun Burger USD6.50

I got their Cajun Burger with onion rings on the side. Their patty is 1/3 lb Black Angus beef topped with oozing cheese. I asked the server to put everything except for pickles so mine had tomatoes, lettuce and red onions. The juices from the burger kept on flowing with my every bite. I tried putting more ketchup and mustard (which is not the same as banana ketchup as one of us thought when he was growing up) which made the burger more delicious. My conclusion: the messier the burger, the tastier it is. :)

And how can I forget the onion rigs? The onion rings were very crispy. I tried putting some Cajun salt which made the outside a little salty but sweet on the inside. I have to make this official. The best onions rings I have tasted from my 3-month stay in Minnesota comes from Dave’s Downtown! :)

Dave's Downtown
900 2nd Ave S, Suite 230
Minneapolis, MN

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