My first question when they suggested we go to IHOP was: "What does it stand for?”

I spent my last Sunday in Minnesota by having lunch with Lloyd and JV at IHOP – International House of Pancakes. IHOP is situated near the Mall of America and is famous for their pancake-all-you-want offer.

We arrived at IHOP just in time for lunch but everybody was still having pancakes! I never tried having pancakes for lunch so it was nice to have some for the first time.

I got two sunny side up eggs, four sausages and hash brown. I was endlessly chewing trying to juggle two plates at the same time. I paid USD6.99 for a two-plate lunch. Hehe! :)

The pancakes were excellent. I actually tried all the different kinds of syrup on the table. I really wanted to challenge myself for another plate of pancakes but I just couldn’t. Maybe I was just so excited to go home. :)

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